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Dr. Adam Ralph

Adam Ralph

Dr. Adam Ralph
Computational Researcher
Tel: +353 1 5241608 (ext 31)

Adam splits his time between ICHEC and NUI Maynooth. He focuses on environmental science research and is working on coupling distinct climate models using OASIS4, in collaboration with the Climate Research Group in Maynooth. HPC is essential for climate research especially with increasing spatial and temporal resolutions. Dynamic coupling of models (e.g. atmosphere and ocean) improves the accuracy of climate predictions but speed efficiencies need to be maintained.

Adam's BSc was in theoretical physics with a DPhil in crystallographic phasing methods. After some years in Italy and the UK, as a postdoctoral researcher, he gained industry experience as a senior programmer with a crystallographic software suite in the UK (CCP4), before moving into systems administration and assistance of the Electron Microscopy Group of the MRC Virology Unit in Glasgow, Scotland. In Ireland, Adam has been working with the Department of Mathematics in Maynooth teaching undergraduate level mathematics.

The earth's climate is a complex system governed by hydro- and thermodynamic equations in a non-Euclidean environment. Knowledge of physics, mathematics and computing are essential to successfully progress this project. Successful model coupling using OASIS4 will provide increased productivity for many research groups and Met Éireann in Ireland but also many in Europe.

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