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Oversight Board

The primary role of the Oversight Board is to monitor the activities and progress of ICHEC, ensuring that it is operating in line with expectations and best practice, and delivering on its contractual obligations. The Board advises ICHEC's management on aspects of policy, strategy and overall objectives, identifying relevant indicators and targets against which performance can be measured. The Oversight Board meets quarterly and reports to the President of NUI Galway and the SFI Board.


The current membership of the Oversight Board is as follows:

  • Dr. Sean Baker
      ex. Iona Technologies, Dublin
  • Prof. Richard Catlow
      FRS, MAPS Faculty Office, University College London
  • Prof. Luke Drury
      Astronomy and Astrophysics Section, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Prof. David Fegan
      Senior Vice President, Royal Irish Academy
  • Prof. Martyn Guest
      Director, Advanced Research Computing, Information Services, Cardiff University
  • Dr. Dennis Jennings (Chairman)
      4th Level Ventures, Dublin
  • Prof. Terry Smith
      Vice President for Research, NUI Galway (ex officio)


Prof. J-C Desplat

Terms of Reference

The ICHEC Oversight Board shall:

  • advise the President of NUI Galway, or his representative, on the good governance and work schedule of ICHEC, including the delivery of ICHEC services to the research community.
  • advise the Director on matters of strategy, governance, policy and procedure.
  • assist the Director in developing a strategic plan for the centre, including strategies for funding diversification.
  • monitor the development of ICHEC periodically and assist the Director in case of any requirement for remedial action to improve any aspect of performance.
  • prepare the quarterly reports required by SFI and transmit them to that body.
  • have procedures in place to interact as needed with the Director/Acting Director of ICHEC. The Director/Acting Director shall submit statements, as requested by the Chairman, on progress and future plans that will enable the completion of the SFI quarterly reports.
  • alert NUI Galway, through the office of the Vice-President for Research, of any misgivings it might have of actions being undertaken by ICHEC, its Director or any of its staff.
  • receive progress reports from the Director from time to time and provide feedback and guidance to the Director.
  • receive the Science Council's quarterly reports on the requests for resource allocation and the quality of the applications received.
  • receive the ICHEC Users' Council quarterly reports on the quality of the ICHEC services, on user satisfaction and on the feedback and advice from users.

The Board shall meet at least four times each calendar year. The Director and Associate Director shall attend.

Membership of the Board

  • The Board shall have a mix of international as well as national individuals who have an interest and expertise in high-end computing.
  • The range of expertise of the Board Membership shall ideally span the range of activities of ICHEC.
  • NUI Galway shall appoint members to the Board, nominated by the IUA Vice Presidents/Directors of Research group.
  • Membership shall not exceed eight in number.