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Mr. Renato Miceli

Renato Miceli

Mr. Renato Miceli
BSc (hons)
Computational Scientist
Tel: +353 1 5241608 (ext 41)

Renato Miceli joined ICHEC in December 2010 as a Computational Scientist. As part of the ICHEC team, Renato fosters and supports the scientific and industrial HPC community in Ireland, participating in all activities within the operations of the Centre. Renato now focuses on four strands: (i) promoting research collaborations and prospecting new projects with Irish and European institutions; (ii) optimising and porting HPC software packages; (iii) providing technology transfer services in HPC; and (iv) organising and delivering HPC training courses and workshops.

Renato obtained his BSc. in Computer Science (with honours) at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (UFCG), Brazil. He has a strong background in Distributed and Cloud Computing where he worked at the Distributed Systems Laboratory as a researcher and developer on the OurGrid project, developing a middleward for creating computational P2P grids for resource scavenging; on the BeeFS project, building a scalable distributed file system that harnesses free disk space in machines on a LAN; and on the Hybrid Cloud project, studying the synergies between cloud computing and P2P grid and their integration under a Hybrid IT infrastructure. He also ran the HPC operations at the Computational Physics Laboratory at the same university, providing support to researchers and parallelising applications before moving to ICHEC.

Some of Renato's past works at ICHEC involved parallelising and fine-tuning applications for cryptography, geophysical analysis, molecular dynamics and financial services. Renato's current focus is as Work Package leader in the EC FP7-funded AutoTune project, where he manages the team of engineers (developers and testers) to study heuristics for automatic compiler tuning and develop a distributed framework for tuning serial and parallel codes, in collaboration with European universities, supercomputing centres and SMEs.

Moreover, as GPU developer at ICHEC, Renato analyses, develops, ports and optimises applications on many-core architectures (e.g. cryptography, financial services, oil & gas), besides engaging in European initiatives such as the EC FP7-funded PRACE project to provide support and training to academia and industry and enable scientific computing on accelerators. Renato also fosters activities within the NVIDIA CUDA Research Center and the HMPP Competence Center. Some of Renato's key contributions are as co-author of ICHEC's NVIDIA-certified CUDA training material and, along with Mr. Gilles Civario, recipient of the 2012 HPCwire Readers Choice Award in the "Best use of HPC for financial services" category for their work on porting financial applications to the GPU.

Renato Miceli is also a PRINCE2 Project Management Practitioner; an ISTQB CTFL Certified Tester; and recipient of the 2012 HiPEAC Collaboration Grant, which enabled his placement as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Delaware, collaborating with Prof. Cavazos over Spring 2013.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Collective Mind: Towards practical and collaborative auto-tuning. G. Fursin, R. Miceli, A. Lokhmotov, M. Gerndt, M. Baboulin, A. D. Malony, Z. Chamski, D. Novillo, D. D. Vento. Scientific Programming Journal, special issue on "Automatic Performance Tuning for HPC Architectures", IOS Press. vol 22, issue 4, pp 309-329. July 2014. doi: 10.3233/SPR-140396
  • Investigating Performance Benefits from OpenACC Kernel Directives. B. Eagan, G. Civario, R. Miceli. Proc. of the 2013 International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo 2013). Parallel Computing: Accelerating Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), Advances in Parallel Computing book series, IOS Press. Munich, Germany. vol 25, pp 616-625. March 2014. doi: 10.3233/978-1-61499-381-0-616
  • AutoTune: A Plugin-Driven Approach to the Automatic Tuning of Parallel Applications. R. Miceli, G. Civario, A. Sikora, E. C├ęsar, M. Gerndt, H. Haitof, C. Navarrete, S. Benkner, M. Sandrieser, L. Morin, F. Bodin. Proc. of the 11th International Workshop on the State-of-the-Art in Scientific and Parallel Computing (PARA 2012). Applied Parallel and Scientific Computing, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Helsinki, Finland. vol 7782, pp 328-342. February 2013. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-36803-5_24
  • Business-driven short-term management of a hybrid IT infrastructure. P. D. Maciel Jr., F. Brasileiro, R. A. Santos, D. Candeia, R. Lopes, M. Carvalho, R. Miceli, N. Andrade, M. Mowbray. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC), Elsevier. vol 72, issue 2, pp 106-119. February 2012. doi: 10.1016/j.jpdc.2011.11.001
  • Transitioning a message passing interface wavefront sensor model to a graphics processor environment. M. T. Browne, R. Miceli. Proc. of the Symposium on Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems. Kiruna, Sweden. Proc. SPIE 8336, 833610. August 2011. doi: 10.1117/12.915921
  • Predicting the Quality of Service of a Peer-to-Peer Desktop Grid. M. Carvalho, R. Miceli, P. D. Maciel Jr., F. Brasileiro, R. Lopes. Proc. of the 10th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing (CCGrid 2010). Melbourne, Australia. pp 649-654. May 2010. doi: 10.1109/CCGRID.2010.50
  • Generating Mock-Based Test Automatically. S. F. Souto, R. Miceli, D. Serey. Proc. of the Third Latin American Workshop on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (LA-WASP 2009). Fortaleza, Brazil. pp 65-66. October 2009 (full print available)

Selected Posters & Tech Talks

  • Opportunities and Strategies for I/O Auto-Tuning. R. Miceli. Talk at the Dagstuhl Seminar 13401, "Automatic Application Tuning for HPC Architectures". Dagstuhl, Germany. October 2013. doi: 10.4230/DagRep.3.9.214
  • AutoTune: Plugin-based Tuning of Parallel Codes. R. Miceli. Poster at the 8th International Conference on High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC 2013). Berlin, Germany. January 2013 (poster available)
  • Real-Time Risk Simulation: The GPU Revolution in Profit Margin Analysis. G. Civario, R. Miceli. Session at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2012 (GTC 2012). San Jose, USA. May 2012 (awarded for the "Best use of HPC in financial services" in the 2012 HPCwire Readers Choice Awards) (audio/video available)
  • AutoTune: Automatic Online Code Tuning. R. Miceli, G. Civario, F. Bodin. Poster at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2012 (GTC 2012). San Jose, USA. May 2012 (poster available)