Industry Advisory Council

Terms of References

(Currently under review, last updated 2nd February 2015)


The ICHEC Industry Advisory Council will provide a forum for members to provide a sectoral perspective on High Performance and Technical Computing (HPTC). Accelerated adoption and effective utilisation of HPTC will be the key focus of the council. The Council will advise the Centre Director and Industry Liaison Officers in the development and implementation of ICHEC’s Industry engagement programme.

Membership of the Industry Advisory Council

Members of the Council will be invited by the chair of the Council, in consultation with the existing Council members, the centre director and relevant State agencies (EI and IDA).

Appointment to the Council is for a period of 2 years, with the possibility of repeat appointment.

The Council shall consist of a mix of international as well as national individuals. Members will have knowledge of technical and high-performance computing and/or the application of this technology to business and industry.

Representatives from Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland will be invited to join the Council. Their participation will ensure close alignment with relevant Government initiatives. A representative from IBEC-ISIN will also be invited to join

Reporting responsibilities:

As an advisory council there are no formal reporting responsibilities. A summary of the council recommendations will be drafted and circulated for approval after each meeting and communicated to the ICHEC Governing Board.

Meeting frequency and quorum

The Council shall meet at least twice each calendar year. The ICHEC Director and Industry Liaison Officer shall attend. The Technical Manager and Infrastructure Manager may be invited to contribute as appropriate.

Council meetings will only take place where at least half of the members are available to contribute to recommendations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Advise the Centre on their advancement strategy for HPTC promoting awareness within the public service and funding agencies, as well as the SME sector.
  • Advise on Industry needs in the area of HPTC, and how to contribute through State-sponsored programmes such as Skillnet or Springboard. Highlight specific skills needs in areas of HPTC.
  • Advise on disruptive technologies and their relevance to industry.
  • Monitor the development of ICHEC in the core areas of industry and semi-state-engagement.
  • Advise the centre on all matters of strategy, policy and procedure relating to the Centre’s industry engagement programme.
  • Monitor the centre’s progress against their industry engagement plans. Review progress reports and provide feedback and guidance to the Director.


As at 2nd February 2015 the membership of ICHEC Industry Advisory Council is:

  • Anthony McCauley, Chair (Fujitsu)
  • Ken Finnegan (IDA Ireland)
  • TBC (Enterprise Ireland)
  • Joe Butler (Intel)
  • Derek Sweeney (CADFEM)
  • Gareth O’Brien (Tullow Oil)
  • James Crawford (SAP)
  • Colin Murray (Mainstream Renewables)

Council membership is currently under review.