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Dr. Enda O'Brien

Enda O'Brien

Dr. Enda O'Brien
Computational Scientist
Tel: +353 91 495946

Enda is both a meteorologist and an expert in high-performance computing applications and parallel programming.

His formal qualifications include a BSc and MSc in Mathematical Science from UCD (1982, 1983) and a PhD (Meteorology) from the University of Miami (1988). He has a further 8 years experience as a research/teaching meteorologist, at Princeton Univ/GFDL (1988-1990) and was Assistant Professor at the Universisty of Miami (1990-1996). He has published 11 papers in international refereed academic journals.

Subsequently, Enda worked for 15 years in the HPC industry (Digital Equipment/Compaq/Hewlett-Packard 1996-2005, Dalco AG Switzerland 2005-2011), developing and optimizing parallel applications, including atmospheric and ocean models, computational fluid dynamics and computational chemistry applications.

Enda is proficient with all the main parallelizing tools: OpenMP (for shared-memory systems); MPI (for distributed-memory systems); and in recent years, CUDA (for GPU-acclerated systems). At ICHEC, he is currently working to accelerate an operational weather model by offloading part of the computation to GPUs.