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Mr. Gilles Civario

Gilles Civario

Mr. Gilles Civario
Senior Software Architect
Tel: +353 1 5241608 (ext 23)

Gilles joined ICHEC in June 2008 where he is now a Senior Software Architect. His main role is to design and implement tailored hardware and software solutions to users of the National Service and to ICHEC's technology transfer client companies. Gilles is also involved in the broader aspects of the Centre's mission where his expertise is valuable in areas such as code installation, debugging or optimisation and hardware evaluation.

After completing two Master degrees in Scientific Computing and Algorithms, Gilles joined the R&D team of EDF (the main French energy company) and was responsible for developing and maintaining nuclear power plant simulation codes, in collaboration with the CEA (French Atomic Energy Organisation). From there he worked as a support scientist at CEA/CCRT, one of the largest HPC centres in Europe. Here Gilles was involved in installing, developing, debugging and optimising codes across many scientific fields. Gilles then joined Bull’s HPC benchmarking team, where he contributed to the design and deployment of HPC systems of all scale, including some of the most powerful of the Top500 machines. He joined ICHEC in June 2008 as part of the e-INIS initiative. His first role was to manage all activities in support of users on ICHEC’s newly procured (and now decommissioned) IBM BlueGene/P machine. In May 2009, Gilles was appointed as Head of the newly created Capability Computing and Novel Architectures (CCNA) group, with an extended remit including the management of ICHEC's rapidly growing GPU Computing activities, and a technology watch report, monitoring any cutting edge hardware and software on the HPC market. As such, Gilles is also Principal Investigator of the NVIDIA CUDA Research Center, title awarded in June 2010, and renewed yearly by NVIDIA since that date. Gilles (and ICHEC) were among the very first group in the world to receive this distinction.

In his present role, Gilles is particularly involved all aspects related to novel architectures and their programming languages. As such Gilles has gained a wide recognition from industry developers and users alike, for driving forward the development of novel architectures, such as NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi co-processors. As recognition of the quality of work he did with Mr. Renato Miceli, ICHEC received the HPCWire Readers' Choice Awards 2012 in the “Best use of HPC in financial services” category. Gilles is also heavily involved in related development work focusing on applications in the oil and gas industry.

MIC demo in ISC12

Fig. 1. Gilles showing an Intel Xeon Phi demo to some Intel execs during International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg in June 2012.

Talk at GTC12

Fig. 2. Gilles presenting some impressive GPU performance results in the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose in May 2012.

Selected Talks & Publications