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Dr. Michael Browne

Michael Browne

Dr. Michael Browne
Technical Manager
Tel: +353 1 524 1608 (ext 65)

Dr. Browne is ICHEC's Technical Manager and oversees all aspects of the ICHEC's operations aside from the Infrastructure group and Technology Transfer.

Michael began work with ICHEC as a Computational Scientist where he was heavily involved in direct user support often involving ICHEC's engineering community primarily on issues of integrating HPC methodologies with 3rd party “workstation class” technical codes. Prior to joining ICHEC in 2007 he worked as a Digital Design Engineer and undertook PhD and post-doctoral work with NUI, Galway and the Lund University, where he worked on next-generation telescope simulation. This work feed into what is now the E-ELT programme.

For sometime now Michael has overseen ICHEC's involvement in the PRACE and frequently represents Ireland's interests at various levels including the PRACE Council. The growing importance of world class HPC to Irish researchers has seen ICHEC focus on providing assistance to a number of research groups which are actively pursuing access to the some of the world's fastest HPC systems. This is a very competitive field and encompasses European programmes run by PRACE and in the US programmes such as the Dept. of Energy INCITE programme. Since ICHEC began this work Ireland has developed a very strong record in this area with researchers having secured in the region of 100 Million core hours of compute time outside the state.

Screenshot of full Jugene system job

Fig. 1. Is a fine example of this work, here the queue monitoring package llview shows one of Dr. Turlough Downes' job running on all 294,912 cores of the German Jugene system. This access was provided via the PRACE programme.

When time permits Michael enjoys contributing to programmes and publications in both the technical and policy areas of high performance computing, for example the Caps Enterprise led Write Once Deploy Many-(Cores) guide and the HPCWorld Handbook of HPC e-Science Infrastructure.

Selected Publications & Proceedings

Contributor to “Write Once Deploy Many-(Cores)” a handbook by the HMPP Competence Centers, Publication date Super Computing 2012

Contributor to “Handbook of HPC e-Science Infrastructure Allocation Reviewing, Selection and Management”, FP7 HPCWorld Programme, 2011, [link]

Transitioning a message passing interface wavefront sensor model to a graphics processor environment. Michael T. Browne, Renato Miceli. Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems, SPIE Proceedings Vol. 8336, DOI: 10.1117/12.915921.[link]

A prediction of cell differentiation and proliferation within a collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffold subjected to mechanical strain and perfusive fluid flow. AJF Stops, KB Heraty, M Browne, FJ O’Brien, PE McHugh.Journal of Biomechanics, vol. 43, pp. 618-626. [link]

Optimised external computation for the Euro50 MATLAB based integrated model. M. T. Browne, A. Enmark, T. E. Andersen, A. Shearer. SPIE Proceedings of Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation: Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy II, 6271, June 2006.

From Euro50 toward a European ELT. Arne Ardeberg, Torben Andersen, Jacques Beckers, Michael Browne, Anita Enmark, Per Knutsson, Mette Owner-Petersen. SPIE Proceedings of Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation: Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes, 6267, June 2006

Implementing an astronomical data analysis pipeline on a grid-type infrastructure. S. O’Tuairisg, M. Browne, J. Cunniffe, A. Shearer, J. Morrison, and K. Power. WebCom-G: ASP Conf. Ser. Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS), XIV, 2005.

Parallelization of MATLAB for euro50 integrated modelling. Michael Browne, Torben Andersen, Anita Enmark, Dan Moraru, and Andrew Shearer. SPIE Proceedings of Modeling and Systems Engineering for Astronomy, 5497:604–610, 2004.