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People at ICHEC

ICHEC staff play an important role in maintaining the national HPC infrastructure as well as supporting and developing the community to enable world-class research on these systems. Their main roles and responsibilities can be broadly categorised into various groups. However, much of the work is collaborative efforts that overlap different groups (e.g. Helpdesk issues are monitored and dealt with by nearly all ICHEC staff, including the Management Team).

The Management & Administrative Team

The Management & Administrative Team oversees the operation of the whole centre hence it is involved in all ICHEC activities. Some of its major functions include funding, administration, public relations, outreach and national/international collaborations, etc.

Computational Scientists

ICHEC computational scientists come from a diverse range of backgrounds (e.g. physics, geophysics, meteorology, chemistry, molecular dynamics, computer science, bioinformatics). They are responsible for the support and development of the research community. Their activities include:

Computational Researchers

The work of ICHEC's Computational Researchers is focused on a clearly defined research programme. This programme has been established with the support and collaboration of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an industrial partner.

Systems Staff

The systems staff are responsible for the operation of the infrastructure. They are involved in the following:

  • Operation of the main systems used by researchers - Fionn.
  • General user support - dealing with Helpdesk issues.
  • Software package installations.
  • Operation of internal systems such as those used for e-mails, web servers, backups, etc.
  • Maintenance of all ICHEC equipment (e.g. workstations, laptops, video conferencing unit, etc).
  • Development and maintenance of the ICHEC web site and management tools for users and projects.
  • Met Éireann dedicated support.

Software Developers

Software developers are typically involved in specific collaborative projects, which includes our technology transfer activities with business and industry. ICHEC uses the PRINCE2 Project Management framework for software development work. Publicly accessible development projects are listed below:

Contact Details

The following are contact details for ICHEC staff members and links to individual biographies.

Name Position Base E-mail
Prof. J-C Desplat Director HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Niall Wilson Infrastructure Manager NUI Galway
Ms. Lisa Walkin Research Administrator HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Nawar Akhras Liasion Researcher HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Sufian Al Aswad Industry Research and Development Liaison HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Lorcan Boyle Systems Administrator HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Ramon Carreras Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Micheál Clesham PR and Communications HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Conor Delaney Data Scientist NUI Galway
Ms. Meghan Fisher Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Jason Flanagan Computational Scientist NUI Galway
Mr. Marco Grossi Systems Administrator NUI Galway
Dr. Buket Benek Gursoy Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Johannes Hansen Computational Scientist NUI Galway
Ms. Emma Hogan Data Analyst HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Venkatesh Kannan Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Eoin McHugh Systems Administrator NUI Galway
Mr. Alastair McKinstry Computational Scientist NUI Galway
Mr. Tim Murphy Systems Administrator NUI Galway
Mr. Sherif Nagy Systems Administrator HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Prithwish Nandi Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Paul Nolan Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Cathal Ó Broin Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Adam Ralph Computational Researcher HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Oisín Robinson Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Basanta Samal Computational Scientist NUI Galway
Dr. Goar Sanchez Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Mr. Ruairi Short Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Bruno Voisin Data Scientist NUI Galway
Mr. Christopher Werner Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)
Dr. Simon Wong Computational Scientist HPC Hub (Dublin)