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Users Council

Since March of 2007 ICHEC have had a Users Council in place, which is responsible for providing formal feedback on the National HPC Service to the ICHEC executive committee. The views of the Users Council represent the views of the entire user community of ICHEC resources; feedback is restricted to operational matters, e.g., users support, scheduling policies, software provision etc.

Although the ICHEC Users Council is an independent body, ICHEC will endeavour to facilitate their operation by assisting with logistical matters (e.g., availability of video-conferencing and AccessGrid points, web questionnaires, wiki, etc.) as well as providing summary reports of their operational constraints.


The membership of the Users Council is as follows:

Class A

  • Prof. Federic Dias - University College Dublin
  • Dr. Simon Elliott - Tyndall National Institute, Cork

Class B

  • (Chair) Patrick McGarry - National University of Ireland, Galway
  • Dr. Conor McCarthy - University of Limerick
  • Dr. Charles Patterson - Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Ivan Rungger - Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Mary O'Connell - Dublin City University
  • Dr. Elisa Fadda - National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Class C

  • Dr. Daniel Mulvihill, University of Limerick
  • Dr. Charles Spillane, National University of Ireland, Galway

Terms of Reference

The remit of the Users Council is to provide feedback to the ICHEC Advisory Board and to ICHEC management on operational matters relating to the National Service from users of the service. Board and management shall respond in a timely and appropriate manner to Council’s concerns.

Council may be asked to assist ICHEC management in establishing user requirements in the context of equipment procurements.

  1. The Council shall be composed of PIs, or their nominees, drawn from existing projects according to the following formula:
    • two PIs chosen from Class A users
    • six PIs chosen from Class B users
    • two PIs chosen from Class C users
    Membership of the Council will be for a period of three years beginning in September, 2006. One third of the membership will rotate each year. New members will be chosen using a random selection of users within each of the above categories.
  2. The Chair (who shall also act as Convenor of the Council) shall be nominated by the Advisory Board. The work of the Council will be supported by a member of the ICHEC administrative staff. He/she will be responsible for recording its proceedings and, in consultation with the Chair, providing feedback, positive or negative as appropriate, on ICHEC services and for providing input and advice on user services and operational matters affecting ICHEC users to the Advisory Board and ICHEC management.
  3. Council shall meet as often as needed but at least once per calendar quarter and shall furnish a quarterly report (in the traffic light format provided) to the Board, copied to ICHEC management.
  4. ICHEC shall facilitate Council in the conduct of its business by assisting with logistical matters such as video-conferencing, AccessGrid points, web questionnaires, wiki etc.


  1. The Users Council remit extends only to the National Service.