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The ICHEC GPU team keeps up its impressive schedule of activities to bring GPU computing to the research community. ICHEC's computational scientists, Gilles Civario, Renato Miceli and Filippo Spiga, were requested by ICHEC's technology provider to present their latest results at the GPU computing conference (GTC2012). GTC is widely recognized as a world-class event in the field of GPU computing.

The titles of both Gilles, Renato and Filippo's talks were:

  • Real-Time Risk Simulation: The GPU Revolution In Profit Margin Analysis, Gilles Civario and Renato Miceli
    [View Slides][View Presentation]
    [Update: Sept 2012] The work carried out by Gilles and Renato was nominated among only five organizations worldwide for the 'HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards 2012' under the 'Best use of HPC in financial services' category. [Read More]
    [Update: Nov 2012]Gilles and Renato were awarded the prestigious HPCwire Readers' Choice Award in the 'Best use of HPC in financial services' category at the 2012 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC12), the largest High Performance Computing (HPC) conference in the world. [Read More]
  • Enabling faster material science modeling using the accelerated Quantum-ESPRESSO, Filippo Spiga
    [View Slides] [View Presentation]

A poster entitled 'AutoTune: Automatic Online Code Tuning' was also presented by Renato. [View Poster]

Gilles Civario presenting at GTC12  Renato Miceli presenting at GTC12  Filippo Spiga presenting at GTC12

Computational Scientists Mr. Gilles Civario, Mr. Renato Miceli, and Mr. Filippo Spiga presenting some impressive GPU performance results in the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose in May 2012.

Gilles Civario audience at GTC12 Renato Miceli audience at GTC12 Renato Miceli audience at GTC12

The audience at Gilles and Renato's presentation and poster.