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ICHEC Mascot ISC12

The 27th International Supercomputing Conference was held in Hamburg from June 17-21 2012. ISC12 attracted over 2,400 attendees, 175 leading high performance computing vendors and over 300 world-class speakers discussing every aspect of supercomputing, networking and storage. ICHEC again hosted a booth at ISC showcasing the very best of Irish computational science and high performance computing research.

This year's booth was divided into two with a meeting area and a general information space. The booth included an informational display showing videos and other dynamics information that attracted many visitors to the booth.


ICHEC Booth (Left and Right hand sides) at ISC12.

The ICHEC exhibition space was staffed by Martin Peters, Gilles Civario, Eoin McHugh, Michael Browne, and Michael Moyles. Full credit goes to Martin for co-ordinating ICHEC's participation in ISC this year, in what proved to be a very productive meeting. The success of this year's ICHEC presence at ISC 2012 has assured our presence there again in 2013.


ICHEC staff attend the International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, June 2012

Intel Xeon Phi Demo at the SGI Booth

This year ICHEC in association with Prof. Gary McGuire (UCD), Bastian Tugemann and SGI were one of the first groups to present work on the latest Intel coprocessor (Intel Xeon Phi) based on the MIC Architecture. The demo was displayed at the SGI booth during the event.

The aim of the demo was to showcase the Xeon Phi's capabilities for integer-based computations. For this purpose, the code Gary McGuire's team developed for their Sudoku 16 clues grand challenge was adapted for searching 17 clues grids, then ported and hand tuned for both Intel Sandy Bridge and Xeon Phi architectures. Over the duration of the exhibition, both versions were run in parallel over the same dataset, allowing for a direct performance comparison between the two architectures. This was actually the only place in the world where performance figures for Xeon Phi were publicly disclosed.

MIC demo in ISC12

Computational Scientist Mr. Gilles Civario showing an Intel Xeon Phi demo to some Intel technical computing directors Joseph Curley (Director of Marketing - Data Center Group) and Brenton Mastenbrook (Technical Computing Finance Specialist) during International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg in June 2012.

Dr. Eng Lim Goh, SGI CTO & SVP and Dr. Michael Browne at ISC12

Dr. Eng Lim Goh, SGI CTO & SVP and Dr. Michael Browne, ICHEC Technical Manager at ISC, June 2012.

When the HPC industry started to shift focus onto accelerators, ICHEC adapted promptly and has now become one of the early world-class centres of accelerator technology. The capability makes ICHEC a particularly appealing organisation to partner with. Dr. Eng Lim Goh, CTO & SVP of SGI, a global leader in HPC


ICHEC staff, Mr. Michael Moyles and Dr. Martin Peters also spent time discussing European HPC at the PRACE booth during the conference. Michael and Martin discussed the available European HPC resources and ways to access them to visitors of the booth. Martin can be seen here with the PRACE Project Manager, Dietmar Erwin.

Michael Moyles at the PRACE ISC12 Booth Martin Peters and Dietmar Erwin at the PRACE ISC12 Booth