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ICHEC Mascot ISC13 ICHEC welcomes the visitors to the International Supercomputing Conference 2013 (ISC13) in Leipzig from the 17th to 19th June 2013.

This year's booth is divided into two with a meeting area and a general information space. The booth included an informational display showing videos and other dynamics information that attracted many visitors to the booth.


ICHEC Booth (Left and Right hand sides) at ISC13.

ICHEC will showcase the computational science R & D being carried out in Ireland. Research outputs such as peer-reviewed papers and public deliverables from FP7 projects are listed below.

Research Publications


  • A Report on the Survey of HPC Tools and Techniques,
    Michael Lysaght (ICHEC), ICHEC Bjorn Lindi (SIGMA-NTNU), Vit Vondrak (VSB), John Donners (SURFSARA) Marc Tajchman (GENCI-CEA), [Read]
  • The State-of-the-Art in Directive-Guided Auto-Tuning for Accelerator and Heterogeneous Many-Core Architectures,
    Renato Miceli (ICHEC), Francois Bodin [Read]
  • Investigating Performance Benefits from OpenACC Kernel Directives,
    Benjamin Eagan (ICHEC), Gilles Civario (ICHEC) [Read]
  • Heterogeneous and Auto-tuned Runtime System,
    Christian Perez, Zhengxiong Hou (INRIA), Judit Planas, Rosa Badia, Eduard Aygüadé, Jesus Labarta (BSC), Michael Schliephake (SNIC-KTH), Chandan Basu, Johan Raber (SNIC-Liu), Massimo Guarrasi CINECA), Lasse Natvig (NTNU), Kostis Nikas (GRNET), Krzysztof T. Zwierzyński (PSNC), Seren Soner, Can Özturan (Bogazici University), Renato Miceli (ICHEC), François Bodin (CAPS) [Read]


  • AutoTune: A Plugin-Driven Approach to The Automatic Tuning of Parallel Applications,
    Renato Miceli, Gilles Civario, Anna Sikora, Eduardo Cesar, Michael Gerndt, Houssam Haitof, Carmen Navarrete, Siegfried Benkner, Martin Sandrieser, Laurent Morin, and Francois Bodin,
    PARA 2012, LNCS 7782, pp. 328–342, 2013. [Read]
  • Design of the Tuning Plugins,
    Enes Bajrovic (UNIVIE), Eduardo Cesar (UAB), Michael Gerndt (TUM), Carla Guillen (LRZ), Renato Miceli (ICHEC), Laurent Morin (CAPS), Carmen Navarrete (LRZ), Antonio Pimenta (UAB), Anna Sikora (UAB) Laurent Morin (CAPS), [Read]
  • The Selected Applications including the Achieved Improvements by Manual Tuning and the Tuning Effort,
    Carla Guillen (LRZ), Carmen Navarrete (LRZ), Antonio Pimenta (UAB), Anna Sikora (UAB), Laurent Morin (CAPS), Houssam Haitof (TUM), Enes Bajrovic (UNIVIE), François Bodin (CAPS), Martin Sandrieser (UNIVIE), Siegfried Benkner (UNIVIE), Mr. Renato Miceli (ICHEC), [Read]
  • The Application Repository,
    Renato Miceli (ICHEC), [Read]


  • The Strategy of the Commons: Modelling the Annual Cost of Successful ICT Services for European Research,
  • The costs of the HTC/HPC e-Infrastructures,
  • HPC/HTC vs. Cloud Benchmarking. An empirical evaluation of the performance and cost implications,


  • Failure modelling of trabecular bone using a non-linear combined damage and fracture voxel finite element approach,
    Noel M. Harrison, Pat McDonnell, Liam Mullins, Niall Wilson, Denis O'Mahoney, Peter E. McHugh Biomech Model Mechanobiol (2013) 12:225–241 [Read]