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Analytics & Data Mining for Better Business

ICHEC Analytics and Data Mining for Better Business


The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) offers consultancy in data mining, predictive analytics, text mining, and optimisation. ICHEC is solving real-world problems for companies using these techniques. We can empower your organisation to make smarter, better informed decisions by applying advanced techniques to tackle your business problems. ICHEC can draw from its wide pool of experience in a variety of fields and combines this with cutting-edge research to tackle the complex and challenging problems facing your business.

Examples of where analytics can assist your business:

Generating customer insight

  • tracking and targeting profitable segments
  • predicting customer churn
  • tracking loyalty
  • refining cross-selling and up-selling strategies

Improving product innovation

  • correlating needs, research and service data
  • analysing market gaps and new market opportunities
  • maximising cross-selling potential
  • affiliate analysis

Optimising the supply chain

  • improving planning and demand forecasting
  • determining optimal pricing

Increasing financial performance

  • pinpointing market opportunities and risks
  • translating performance knowledge to increased revenue
  • correlating returns and pricing for what-if scenarios

Contact point

If you would like any further information about our consultancy services and what we can do to improve your business, please contact our consultancy team, consultancy@ichec.ie, Tel: +353-1-5241608 ext 36.