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Application Optimisation for Better Business

ICHEC Analytics and Data Mining for Better Business


The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) offers consultancy in application optimisation and acceleration. Our staff includes some of the leading experts in porting applications to high-performance computing systems. ICHEC is solving real-world problems for companies using a variety of techniques and high-performance hardware to enhance their applications.

Accelerators are specialised hardware that can be used in conjunction with conventional processors to process data very quickly. This type of hardware is well suited to the many complex types of calculations found in scientific, engineering and financial processing. ICHEC is one of nine official CUDA Research Centers world-wide for developing applications to run on General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs). These developments take place in partnership with the market leader in GPGPU design, NVIDIA. We also partner with the leading systems vendor SGI in this area providing training and application porting expertise.

We can empower your company to process its large and growing volumes of data much more rapidly. ICHEC draws from its wide pool of experience in a variety of fields and combines this with cutting-edge research to tackle the complex and challenging issues facing your business.

Examples of where ICHEC's expertise can assist your business:

  • application profiling
  • application migration to HPC and GPGPU
  • application optimisation

Contact point

If you would like any further information about our consultancy services and what we can do to improve your business, please contact our consultancy team, consultancy@ichec.ie, Tel: +353-1-5241608 ext 36.