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ICHEC aims to provide a comprehensive enriched learning experience by partnering with commercial organisations to provide practical skills to ensure increased career and economic opportunities for students. This has lead to ICHEC partnering with commercial companies to provide industry-recognised accreditation.

NVIDIA CUDA Approved Training

ICHEC is a partner in developing and delivering the CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) approved courses, which provide hands-on practical workshops and lectures on NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture throughout the year.

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The "Introduction to CUDA" NVIDIA approved course covers on the following topics:

  • Overview of GPGPU
  • CUDA primitives: thread organisation, kernels
  • Kernel/Function qualifiers
  • Thread scheduling
  • CUDA memory types (e.g. global memory, shared memory, texture memory)
  • Coalesced memory access techniques
  • Overview of available CUDA libraries


Please contact our Education & Training coordinator for further information on our participation in existing or tailored programmes for your needs.