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ICHEC Summer Scholarship Application

Personal Details

Project Selection

You must choose at least one, and up to four projects (in order of preference), from our list of available projects:

  1. 3-D visualisation techniques to study the output of the Met √Čireann forecast model, Harmonie
  2. Cloud computing and applications
  3. Automated job analysis on HPC systems
  4. Bioinformatics on the GPU
  5. OpenBabel: optimisation of the MMFF94 routines using OpenMP and OpenCL
  6. Web services and workflows for automated protein-protein interaction discovery

Please also state briefly your motivation and suitability for each project you have chosen.

[View project descriptions in new window]

Additional Information & CV

This is a free-form writing area (in plain text only, no HTML allowed) where you can tell us a little more about yourself, your skills, motivation for application, any questions you may have regarding the details of the scholarships (e.g. any project start/end date adjustments), etc. If you have prepared a cover letter, you may also paste its contents here.

Please upload your curriculum vitae here. Your CV must include the following:

  • A list of courses/modules you have taken so far towards your degree.
  • Examination marks for corresponding courses/modules.
  • The names and contact details of at least two references.

The uploaded file cannot exceed 2MB in size and the only formats allowed are: .txt, .pdf, .doc, .rtf