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Training Courses


As part of our mission to promote and enable world-class computational science in Ireland, ICHEC regularly organises training courses on selected topics in High Performance Computing (HPC). We encourage anybody affiliated with an Irish research institution to attend these courses, particularly those people planning to use the National/Capability services.


ICHEC provides three core introductory HPC courses (typically delivered together as a 4-day event, covering basic usage of ICHEC systems and fundamental parallel programming paradigms):

More advanced parallel programming courses:

Other courses that are applicable to HPC and computational sciences in general:

We have delivered courses at various academic institutions, including all the universities, around the country. Please refer to our Course Delivery Timetable for a list of courses that have been delivered.

Courses On-Demand

In order to meet unpredictable demand, ICHEC currently deliver courses to any host institution in Ireland on a per-request basis. A person from a host institution can simply get in touch with our Education & Training coordinator to arrange a course programme to be delivered on suitable dates. The prerequisites are:

  • A person from the host institution to act as the host institution coordinator.
  • Interest from at least 8 people per course being requested.
  • Booking of a suitable venue, large enough to hold the expected number of attendees and a projection system for the instructor, on the agreed date of the course.
  • Each attendee must have a laptop/workstation during the course for practical work that typically comprise 50% of each course.
  • Each laptop/workstation must have network access to the ICHEC cluster, stokes.ichec.ie, via SSH.
  • The host institution coordinator is responsible for printing/photocopying a set of course hand-outs for each attendee. In order to accommodate content revisions and updates, these hand-outs are sent to the coordinator by e-mail before each course begins.

If you are in a position to act as the host institution coordinator and the above prerequisites can be met, please contact our Education & Training coordinator to arrange course(s) to be delivered at your institution.

If you are not in a position to act as the host institution coordinator and you would like to attend one or more of these courses, please also e-mail our Education & Training coordinator so you can be informed of upcoming courses at your institution.

Courses at the HPC Hub

With the establishment of the HPC Hub, we are able to provide courses for small groups of 8-10 people at our Dublin office. For individuals who are interested, you are kindly requested to seek others (e.g. members of your group/department) who would also like to attend the course. Once a critical mass of at least 8 people is achieved, please e-mail our Education & Training coordinator to arrange a suitable date and specify the course(s) you would like to attend.


If you have attended one of our courses, we would appreciate it if you would take five minutes to send us some feedback so that we can continually improve them:

  Course Feedback

Third Party Material

Much of the content of our HPC "core" courses adopt material that were developed by other HPC centres, such as the EPCC in Edinburgh and the HLRS in Stuttgart. More training material may be downloaded from their respective web sites.

EPCC provide a set of online material in their training archive:

HLRS provide an online parallel programming workshop with a wide range of learning materials including video presentations:

Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding ICHEC's training courses please contact our Education & Training coordinator.