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Advanced MPI

Course Overview

This 2-day course looks at some of the more advanced features of MPI that are beyond the scope of our Introduction to MPI course, which addresses the fundamentals of writing simple MPI programs using a small subset of MPI routines. It covers several concepts that are frequently employed in complex, high-performance parallel code, with particular emphasis on MPI-2 features (e.g. intercommunicator and one-sided communication, parallel I/O, dynamic process management) as well as an introduction to hybrid programming with MPI and OpenMP.

The two days consist of lectures in the morning with practical sessions in the afternoons.

Learning Outcomes

After the course, attendees should gain a better understanding of the following:

  • Custom communicators and intra- and inter-communicator communication.
  • Remote memory access (RMA) techniques that allows one process to specify all communication parameters.
  • Implementation of parallel I/O in MPI.
  • Creation and cooperative termination of processes after an MPI application has started.
  • Hybrid programming using a mix of MPI and OpenMP in the same code.


To benefit from this course attendees should have:

  • Programming experience in C/C++/Fortran
  • Practical knowledge of MPI (at least familiar with all of the topics in the ICHEC Introduction to MPI course)

Course timetable

Day 1
09:30 Groups, communicators and virtual topologies
One-sided communication
Extended collective communication
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Practicals
18:00 Close
Day 2
09:30 Parallel I/O
Dynamic process management
Hybrid Programming in MPI/OpenMP
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Practicals
18:00 Close

Further Information

For further information please contact us at training@ichec.ie.