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Introduction to Modern Fortran

Course Overview

Fortran is widely used by the scientific community, in certain fields being the de facto standard. This course is designed for those who are getting started with Fortran and for those who wish to refresh his/her knowledge about the subject. It presents the main programming concepts and how these are implemented in the Fortran 95/2003 standards. The emphasis is on the coding and concepts behind the programming language rather that the algorithmics.

The first two days of the course consist of a mixture of theoretical mornings with practical afternoons. The third and final day is entirely dedicated to a case study, where the participants will attempt to code a small linear algebra library.

Usage of both the GNU and Intel Fortran compilers are covered in the course. On special request, some of the more obsolete features can be presented.

Learning Outcomes

After the course, attendees should gain a better understanding of the following:

  • Structure of a Fortran program
  • Syntax and code source rules
  • Programming concepts and their implementation using Fortran
  • Creation and usage of modules/subroutines/functions
  • Operator and subroutines/functions overloading
  • Usage of dynamic memory, arrays and pointers within Fortran
  • Advanced I/O
  • Command line arguments
  • Use of the preprocessor, compiler, linker, debugger


To benefit from this course attendees should have:

  • Basic Linux/UNIX skills

Course timetable

Day 1
09:30 General Programming Concepts
Source file rules
Intrinsic and user data types
Flow constructs
Functions and subroutines
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Practicals
18:00 Close
Day 2
09:30 Modules
Arrays and array constructs
Dynamic allocation of memory
Operator and subprograms overloading
I/O: formats, file and standard devices
Compile / Link / Debug
Command line arguments
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Practicals
18:00 Close
Day 3
09:30 Case study
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Case study
16:00 Close

Further Information

For further information please contact us at training@ichec.ie.