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ICHEC Software

Information about software packages installed on the ICHEC systems.

NCO: Network Climate Operators

Versions Installed

Fionn: 4.3.7


The netCDF Operators (NCO) are a suite of standalone, command-line programs like, e.g., ls or mkdir. Each operator takes netCDF files as input, then operates (e.g., derives new data, averages, hyperslabs, manipulates metadata) and produces a netCDF output file. NCO primarily aids manipulation and analysis of gridded scientific data. The single-command style of NCO allows users to manipulate and analyze files interactively, or with simple scripts that avoid some overhead (and power) of higher level programming environments. The NCO User's Guide illustrates their use with examples from the field of climate modeling and analysis. Note that the “averagers” are misnamed because they perform many non-linear operations as well, e.g., total, minimum, maximum, RMS.


NCO is available under the GNU General Public License, v3.



Additional Notes

To use NCO on Fionn, load the relevant environment module:

module load nco/intel/4.3.7

Further information can be obtained at http://nco.sourceforge.net/.

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