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ICHEC Software

Information about software packages installed on the ICHEC systems.


Versions Installed


PETSc is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations. It employs the MPI standard for all message-passing communication.


PETSc is available under the PETSc License.



Additional Notes

The nature of PETSc's build process means that fundamental decisions about its basic operation are determined at build time, for instance whether a scalar is of type real or complex. Furthermore a debug build of PETSc provides a number of diagnostic features that are not enabled in an optimised build. This means that for ICHEC's diverse userbase it is impractical to provide built versions to match all users needs.

With this in mind we strongly encourage users who are interested in using PETSc on our system to contact ICHEC via the helpdesk and we will work with you to create a configuration that is tailored to your needs

Note: due to firewall issues PETSc's auto download feature may not work with Stokes. If so the subpackages need to be downloaded manually and referred to in the config file, as can be seen in the examples.

Further information can also be obtained at www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/petsc-2/.

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