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ICHEC Software

Information about software packages installed on the ICHEC systems.

ECACCESS - Access tools for ECMWF

Versions Installed

Stokes: 3.3.0


ECaccess provides a portal for registered users to access the ECMWF's computing and archiving facilities with single step authentication from anywhere on the Internet. Strict authentication is performed in a uniform way using SecurID cards and standard (X509) certificates. SSL is used to guarantee the integrity of the application data, the transferred jobs and the monitoring information.

Quick start The best way to start using ECaccess is to read the User Guide..


Users must have a SecurID token from ECMWF.



Additional Notes

To use ECACCESS load the relevant environment module:

module load ecaccess
The ec* commands (e.g. ecls, ecdir, ecmv) are then available.

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