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ICHEC Software

Information about software packages installed on the ICHEC systems.


Versions Installed

Fionn: 2.7.6 / 3.3.2 / 3.4.0


On Fionn you will find Python packages are installed in a base module called 'python'. Python versions 2 and 3 are both compiled against the Intel compilers (C/C++/Fortran).


PSF OSI approved.

Additional Notes

Module files are also available for several versions.

python 2

module load python py/intel/2.7.6

python 3

module load python py/intel/3.3.2

Customizing Python Environment

Users can create their own python environments in various ways. One important use of a virtual python environment is that users can install a Python package without admin rights.
For Python 2.7, one can use virtualenv. As of version 3.3 or later, Python comes with the standard virtual environment toolpyvenv.
Another option for creating a customized Python environment is Miniconda. The disadvantage of Miniconda is that it occupies a big space (~1GB) after installation.

For more information see the http://www.python.org/.

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