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This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 10 February 2005


The Irish Centre for High-End Computing is in start-up phase following a recent award from SFI. The Centre's remit is to provide service and research support for users of the high-end computing systems in Ireland. Included in this remit is a significant training and development programme.

HEC applies computational methodologies to analyse and provide solutions to some of the most complex research, industry and business problems in the world today.

The Centre requires the following staff:

  • System Administrators
  • Research Support officers

In this the first phase, a Irish Centre will be created with a centralised facility for hardware with systems and support staff located on seven sites around Ireland - in DIAS, NMRC, NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, TCD, UCC and UCD.

The Centre plans to combine both capital funds from this SFI award with existing research funds from two Programmes for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI) projects - CosmoGrid (DIAS, UCD and NUI, Galway) and IITAC (TCD).

The Centre has just published a call for tender - which will be evaluated in March / April - a solution providing terascale computing and significant storage is envisioned. Commissioning of this HEC equipment is expected to start June 2005.

The staff of the Centre will combine complementary skills in management, research and systems administration with expertise in fields ranging from computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and molecular modelling to data mining and bio-informatics.

Part of the work of this phase will be the monitoring and identification of the problems of running the Centre. We will investigate both technical issues involved in establishing efficient connectivity between the sites as well as personnel and management challenges involved in such a structure.

More information on the programmes is available at the Irish Centre for High-End Computing homepage.


Closing date for the applications is Monday, the 7th of March 2005, but applications will be accepted until all the positions have been filled. Applicants should send a letter of application plus a full CV including the names of three (3) referees. Interviews for the positions will be held on the 22nd and 23rd March in Galway. Applications are also welcomed for short-term positions in the Centre. Successful applicants will be initially employees of NUI, Galway but when the Centre is established they will be expected to transfer to the new body. NUI, Galway is an equal opportunities employer. Note that there are plans to set up the Centre as a separate legal entity at some stage.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to [E-MAIL ADDRESS REMOVED].
For further information on these posts contact the Centre Director, Dr Andy Shearer, +353 91 493114 or [E-MAIL ADDRESS REMOVED].

Systems Administrators (at least 3 posts)

The system administrator will be involved in systems management, user support, and some software development support for the supercomputing systems managed by the Centre. The candidate will work as part of a distributed team.

Applicants should have a background, in computer science, science or engineering and skills which include UNIX / Linux systems management and support, C programming and web programming. Experience in network management and security, queuing systems and parallel programming would be an advantage.


  • Installing, configuring and maintaining Linux workstations and servers
  • Installing and maintaining standard network services such as apache, bind, postfix, mysql, etc.
  • Maintaining and expanding user documentation for the Centre's parallel compute clusters
  • Developing and maintaining sample login scripts and job submission scripts for the Centre's parallel compute clusters
  • Provide day to day Linux support to the Centre's users
  • Develop and deploy grid based applications
  • Some management of Windows PCs

The successful applicant will also be involved in research projects that are carried out by the Centre. The system staff will report to the Centre's Technical Manager.

Support Scientists (at least 2)

We are looking for number of Research staff who will be giving scientific and engineering support to the Centre's users. Applicants should have a background in computational science and experience of working with large scale parallel systems. The successful applicant will be expected to spend some time working with the different research groups associated with the project. Ideallly applicants should have a PhD, a good publication record and experience of working in or with a High Performance Computing Centre. We intend that the support staff of such a centre will be experts in one or more of the following fields - computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, molecular modeling, computational plasma physics or bio-informatics.

The appointments for Support and System staff will be made within the range of €33,285 to €44,568 per annum, according to qualifications and experience. The appointment will be made until the end of 2007. The successful applicants will be based in Dublin, Cork or Galway.

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