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Policy Changes

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 16 May 2008

New eligibility rules and limits

Following consultation with the Scientific Council and the chairs of the Users Council, ICHEC has decided to implement the following changes to its policies with immediate effect:

- PhD students have become eligible to apply for compute resources in their own right as PIs. This is limited to Class C applications *only* (current eligibility criteria remain unchanged for Class A and B applications).

- The projects' maximum duration has been increased to 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year for Class A, B and C projects respectively, and the resource thresholds for each category has also been raised accordingly (linearly). The new limits are therefore as follows:

    Class A
  • Max. duration: 36 months
  • Hamilton: up to 120,000 CPU-hours
  • Walton: up to 1,350,000 CPU-hours
    Class B
  • Max. duration: 24 months
  • Hamilton: up to 100,000 CPU-hours
  • Walton: up to 300,000 CPU-hours
    Class C
  • Max. duration: 12 months
  • Hamilton: up to 6,000 CPU-hours
  • Walton: up to 15,000 CPU-hours

PIs may avail of these new limits by contacting us through the ICHEC helpdesk, and requesting a new end date for their project, as well as the allocation of top up resources (we will calculate the amount of top up resources to be credited from the project's original allocation).


New policies for Blue Gene systems

Three changes to the access and scheduling policy for the National Capability Service are:

- Access to the BG/L system will now be available to projects which have Class A project applications submitted for review. This is to allow porting and scaling work to proceed during the review period.

- Open access for Class B projects to the BG/L for trial purposes has been extended to a 48 hour period each week (10am Wed - 10am Fri). Requests for access should be made via the Helpdesk one week in advance.

- The maximum runtimes on the BG/L have been extended to 1 hour for development jobs and 24 hours for the 512 node benchmarking partition.

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