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Closure of Walton and Hamilton services

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 2 December 2008

As you may know, the Walton cluster and Hamilton shared memory system will be decommissioned on 11th December 2008, and we intend to get the new National HPC Service in full operation on 1st January 2009 on our new flagship cluster, “Stokes”. This new service will be preceded by a Transitional “at risk” Service from 25th November to 31st December 2008, as part of which existing Walton/Hamilton projects will be granted access to the new system.

Note that data on Walton and Hamilton will not be backed up, nor the data (accounts in /ichec/home/users/ and data in /ichec/work/) transferred to Stokes. It is therefore up to each individual user to ensure that any data which they may wish to retain has been transferred to another system BEFORE the service is closed down. As the equipment will be disposed off, ICHEC will be unable to retrieve any data which may have been left behind.

Users will continue to have access to their files on Walton until the morning of Thursday the 11th, however running jobs will be halted on Monday the 8th. On Hamilton users will continue to have access up until the morning of Thursday the 11th and jobs will also be allowed to run up to this point.

Note if you have large volumes of data it will take time to move it. It is up to each individual user to start this process in time.

A copy of the migration plan was circulated with the ICHEC User Mailing of 20th November.

We are also pleased to announce that Stokes has been ranked at position #118 of the November 2008 Top500 (www.top500.org). With a sustained performance of 25.11 TFlops and peak performance of 28.67 TFlops, this makes Stokes the most efficient cluster in this Top500 (87.6% efficiency). Further details will follow very shortly.

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