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New InfiniBand cluster

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 7 July 2009

The arrival of the new e-INIS cluster, Stoney, is the latest hardware news from ICHEC and will be officially launched in NUI Galway in the autumn. Dr Andy Shearer was responsible for the  procurement of this new and important facility and has arranged for it to be hosted in the School of Physics’  machine room in NUI Galway.  ICHEC  has agreed with Andy to administer and manage the system and make it available to the national service. 

This system is an InfiniBand cluster of 512 cores of the new Intel Nehalem processor. Each of the 64 nodes comprises eight cores and 48GB of memory. Due to the much improved memory bandwidth capabilities of the Nehalem architecture and the 48GB of memory on each node, this system will offer a more suitable platform than Stokes for projects which have particularly high memory requirements. Another novel feature of the cluster is that it uses water cooled doors at the rear of the racks to more efficiently dissipate the heat produced by such densely packed high power equipment, these doors also reduce the running costs by 30%.

The purchase of Stoney was funded by the Higher Education Authority through the PRTLI-4 e-INIS project.


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