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Remarkable results on JUGENE

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 3 November 2009


ICHEC is delighted to report that following his recent successful application to use PRACE prototype resources Dr. Turlough Downes has begun trial runs on these PRACE systems. The largest of these systems, JUGENE, the IBM Blue Gene/P system at the Juelich Supercomuting Centre in Germany has an enormous 294,912 cores. On this system Dr. Downes who is working in collaboration with ICHEC Computational Scientists has been able to demonstrate so called "hard scaling" of a factor of roughly 200,000 times. That is to say when a real problem of scientific interest is spread across more and more of the system it is able to use the additional resources with a very high level of efficiency. This is achieved by carefully tailoring the code to exploit the  network topology of the machine. This screenshot shows a graphical representation of the jobs using the 72 rack Blue Gene system. Here we can see, shown in pink, one of Dr Downes' jobs occupying the entire system. Perhaps the most significant result of these tests is that it is now possible to prepare a programme of simulations which will look at the underlying scientific problems in greater detail secure in the knowledge that the code's ability to scale up will not be a limiting factor.



Screenshot of full Jugene system job

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