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Controlled Molecular Motion?

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 7 April 2011

ICHEC is pleased to bring to your attention the following article from the Irish Times which describes the recent work of Dr. Damien Thompson of the Tyndall Institute in Cork and collaborators which has resulted in a publication in Nature Chemistry. Dr. Thompson has held a number of projects with ICHEC including a Class A project entitled "Faster, bigger, better: supra-nanoscale molecular dynamics for nanoelectronics" which provided HPC resources to further this work.


In the next edition of ICHEC News, Dr. Thompson will describe this work in greater detail.

Nature Chemistry. A. Perl, A. Gomez-Casado, D. Thompson, H. H. Dam, P. Jonkheijm, D. N. Reinhoudt and J. Huskens. Nature Chemistry, 2011. Gradient driven motion of multivalent ligand molecules along a surface functionalized with multiple receptors. 3, 317-322. doi:10.1038/nchem.1005.

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