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HPC breakfast briefing for financial companies

This article is outdated - use this information at your own risk!
Posted on 23 January 2012

What are these technologies ? How have they helped companies before ? What gains for my business could I expect from using these technologies ?

Join us at this free briefing to explore how High Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU technologies are helping financial companies address their business problems.

Register at http://ichec-fsi-hpc-seminar.eventbrite.com/ for this breakfast briefing on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 from 7:50 AM to 9:45 AM at Jurys Inn Custom House Quay, Dublin.

HPC brings value to companies by:


  • Reducing risk (by knowing more, by providing more detail, by dealing with larger amounts of data)
  • Get answers faster (this can be reducing cost or dealing faster with market uncertainties)
  • Better utilisation of existing IT infrastructures (leveraging existing hardware resources more efficiently and more effectively to tackle problems)

From front to back-office, from portfolio construction to trade execution, from data capture to quarterly reports - there are business processes that are inherently parallel and amenable to high performance computing. Finance like other industries is increasingly concerned about transfer data into information, information into action, and action into profit. There are two forces acting upon the financial industry, firstly the need to reduce the time to get things done and secondly the need to expand the amount of work done in that time. Beyond ROI and IT architecture lies the uncertainty of markets, this seminar will introduce high performance computing as one tool in your arsenal for tackling uncertainty by highlighting where and how HPC has already done so for competitors in the field. 

The event will begin at 08:00 and will consist of three speakers:

08:00 Introduction / Welcome, Dr. Eoin Brazil, Technology Transfer Lead, Irish Centre for High End Computing - http://www.ichec.ie/consultancy/

08:20 High Performance Computing for Business, Francis Wray, HPC consultant - http://www.large.demon.co.uk/

08:45 Graphics processing units (GPUs) for Financial Problems - Alastair Houston, Compute FSI Sales Manager at NVIDIA, http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/cuda_finance_uk.html

09:15 Wrap up and Q&A

The aim of this breakfast briefing will be to highlight the potential benefits for high performance computing to the Irish Financial industry as one means of achieving business innovation. The Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) is hosting this special breakfast briefing for the Irish Financial Services community to help highlight how business innovation can be achieved through the use of High Performance Computing (HPC).

For further details, please contact consultancy@ichec.ie. 





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