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User Mailing

ICHEC mail #10

Posted: 2005-11-18

Dear ICHEC users,

Unplanned break in service

Serious technical problems on the IBM cluster walton prompted us to suspend the user service at short notice. Our sysadmin team has now finalised a precise description of the symptoms, and the situation has been escalated within IBM as a "critical situation".

From a user perspective, these problems resulted in codes crashing at random times for no apparent reasons. Obviously this situation is extremely frustrating to those affected and sufficiently widespread to justify suspending the user service until the problem has been fully rectified. As the source of the problem is still under investigation and likely to require cluster-wide interventions, a period of up to 10 days may be required to permanently address this situation.

Service is (provisionally) expected to resume on Monday 28th November. Updates on our progress will be published at the ICHEC systems status page throughout this period. A user mailing will be sent when the service resumes.

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