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User Mailing

ICHEC mail #17

Posted: 2006-02-17

Dear ICHEC users,


1. Planned downtime (Walton)
2. New compilers on Hamilton
3. Useful command on Walton

1 – Planned downtime (Walton)

We would like to inform you that user service on Walton will be suspended on Thursday 23rd February at 9am until 1pm. This maintenance session is required to carry out a number of interventions, including an upgrade of the Torque and Maui software (to address stability issues, and to allow the imminent use of the Gold Allocation Manager for accounting), and the testing of the emergency shutdown procedure.

Users are therefore asked to specify sensible maximum runtimes in their PBS scripts, as jobs will only be allowed to start if they indicate that they will complete before the start of the maintenance window (criteria based purely on the specified maximum runtime).

Service on Hamilton will not be affected. See the ICHEC systems status page for additional information.

2 – New compilers on Hamilton

The Intel 9.0 compiler suite (including C/C++/Fortran) is now available on Hamilton. We expect these compilers to provide an all-round improved performance to user codes, as well as improved compatibility with gcc.

See the following URL for a description of some of the new features:


As compatibility issues have been reported with the Bull MPI library, the Intel compiler suite 8.1 remains the default environment on Hamilton, and we do not recommend using these compilers for MPI codes for the time being.

Users wishing to try the Intel 9.0 compilers can do so by using the "module" command, e.g.:

$ module load intel9

Note that the Intel compilers also provide OpenMP support.

3 – Useful command on Walton

ICHEC has developed a new utility called "qutil" which will make it easier for you to monitor your own (running) jobs. Its syntax is as follow:

qutil -a (shows all of your jobs)
qutil -j 5675,5677 (lists these two jobs with ID 5675 and 5677, but only if they belong to you)

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