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User Mailing

ICHEC Mail #39

Posted: 2008-05-14

Dear ICHEC users,


1. New eligibility rules and limits
2. Bringing low-latency cluster access to the national HPC service
3. Acknowledging ICHEC in publications / reporting publications

New eligibility rules and limits

Following consultation with the Scientific Council and the chairs of the Users Council, ICHEC has decided to implement the following changes to its policies with immediate effect:

- PhD students have become eligible to apply for compute resources in their own right as PIs. This is limited to Class C applications *only* (current eligibility criteria remain unchanged for Class A and B applications).

- The projects' maximum duration has been increased to 3 years, 2 years, and 1 year for Class A, B and C projects respectively, and the resource thresholds for each category has also been raised accordingly (linearly). The new limits are therefore as follows:

Class A
Max. duration: 36 months
Hamilton: up to 120,000 CPU-hours
Walton: up to 1,350,000 CPU-hours

Class B
Max. duration: 24 months
Hamilton: up to 100,000 CPU-hours
Walton: up to 300,000 CPU-hours

Class C
Max. duration: 12 months
Hamilton: up to 6,000 CPU-hours
Walton: up to 15,000 CPU-hours

PIs may avail of these new limits by contacting us through the ICHEC helpdesk, and requesting a new end date for their project, as well as the allocation of top up resources (we will calculate the amount of top up resources to be credited from the project's original allocation).

Bringing low-latency cluster access to the national HPC service

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) and the Trinity Centre for High-Performance Computing (TCHPC) are extending their on-going collaboration to offer a scheme through which researchers in Ireland can now gain access to TCHPC's Infiniband cluster as part of ICHEC's National HPC Service.
This agreement allows ICHEC to support more effectively research groups with applications which exhibited limited scalability on its Walton cluster, therefore granting greater capability to a subset of its users.
The TCHPC low-latency high-bandwidth compute resource, funded under the HEA PRTLI3 IITAC program, complements the three existing compute facilities provided by ICHEC and is optimized for medium sized tightly coupled parallel simulations. As the TCHPC cluster bears many similarities with ICHEC's Walton system (both are IBM 1350 clusters), code portability is expected to be straightforward in most cases.

This agreement is taking place under the auspices of the HEA
PRTLI4-funded e-INIS project ("building the Irish national
e-Infrastructure"), led by Prof. Luke Drury of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS).
Period: the agreement is effective from 12th May 2008, and will remain open until 31st December 2008.
Eligibility: ICHEC Class B PIs. As the amount of resources available is limited, we are unable to offer Class A access to these resources.
1. Class B PIs: request for access can be submitted through the ICHEC helpdesk for existing Class B PIs. Note that a strong justification for access to low-latency interconnect will be required, including a clear case that migration from the Walton cluster to the TCHPC cluster will improve code scalability, and justify the need to run on more processors.
2. New users: must become Class B PIs in the first instance. This process involves the preparation of a scientific proposal to be independently reviewed by the Scientific Council. See
full national service for further information.
The full press release will appear in our News section very shortly.

Acknowledging ICHEC in publications / reporting publications
We would appreciate a formal acknowledgment of ICHEC by inclusion in any resulting publications of the following sentence or some variation thereof:
"The authors wish to acknowledge the SFI/HEA Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) for the provision of computational facilities and support."

See our FAQ.

We would also appreciate if you could let us know when such publications are being accepted for publication, as this constitutes one of the major metrics by which the scientific impact of ICHEC will be assessed.
This list will be kept up to date in the research publications

Best wishes,

PS: previous User Mailings can be found at http://www.ichec.ie/newsletters.

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