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User Mailing

ICHEC mail #40

Posted: 2008-06-20

Dear ICHEC users,


1. Acknowledging ICHEC in publications / reporting publications
2. Ireland joins PRACE
3. Modified access and scheduling policy for Capability Service
4. Users Council meeting
5. ICHEC News Issue 4

1 – Acknowledging ICHEC in publications / reporting publications
We would appreciate a formal acknowledgment of ICHEC by inclusion in
any resulting publications of the following sentence or some variation

"The authors wish to acknowledge the SFI/HEA Irish Centre for High-End
Computing (ICHEC) for the provision of computational facilities and

See our FAQ.

We would also appreciate if you could let us know when such
publications are being accepted for publication, as this constitutes
one of the major metrics by which the scientific impact of ICHEC will
be assessed.

This list will be kept up to date in the research publications section.

2 – Ireland joins PRACE
Two new countries - Ireland and Turkey - became members of PRACE, the
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, after signing the
Memorandum of Understanding on 29 May. The PRACE partnership aims to
establish a pan-European HPC service, consisting of several tier-0
centres providing European researchers with access to capability
computers and forming the top level of the European HPC ecosystem. For
more information see the PRACE website

See News article.

3 – Modified access and scheduling policy for Capability Service
Three changes to the access and scheduling policy for the National
Capability Service are:

  • Access to the BG/L system will now be available to projects which
    have Class A project applications submitted for review. This is to
    allow porting and scaling work to proceed during the review period.

  • Open access for Class B projects to the BG/L for trial purposes has
    been extended to a 48 hour period each week (10am Wed - 10am Fri).
    Requests for access should be made via the Helpdesk one week in advance.

  • The maximum runtimes on the BG/L have been extended to 1 hour for
    development jobs and 24 hours for the 512 node benchmarking partition.

4 – Users Council meeting
The Users Council held its first meeting in Dublin on 11th June.
Following a very productive and constructive meeting, a number of
suggestions and recommendations were made to the ICHEC management, who
committed to implement most of these changes in the near future. Areas
where changes will occur include:

  • application process

  • scheduling

Further details will follow very shortly on the Users Council web page. For further information, please contact the UC Chairs at

5 – ICHEC News Issue 4
The fourth issue of ICHEC News has just been published.

See ICHEC News #4


PS: previous User Mailings can be found at http://www.ichec.ie/newsletters

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