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Full National Service Application

This is an application form for gaining access to the Fionn system operated by the Full National Service.

Access to the Full National Service is subject to the ICHEC Acceptable Usage Policy.

Principal Investigator details

If you already have an ICHEC account please enter your username and password below.

If you do not already have an ICHEC account, you must apply for one at https://register.ichec.ie before proceeding with the application.

Project details

Not all uppercase.

A. Grand Challenge, B. Regular, C. Discovery

(.doc or .pdf only)
(.doc or .pdf only)
- - (DD-MM-YYYY)
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Fionn Requirements

The following equation should be used as a template to determine the total number of core hours required.
Core Hrs Requested = Number Core Hrs on Thin Component + (3.2 * Number Core Hrs on Shared Memory Component) + (2.24 * Number Core Hrs on Accelerated Component)
A detailed description of each non zero component request is required in the text box below.

(CPU hours)

Do you intend to use the shared memory partition? Note: Use of a shared memory core is charged at 3.2 times a regular compute core on Fionn.

Yes No

Do you intend to use the accelerated partition? Note: Use of a shared memory core is charged at 2.24 times a regular compute core on Fionn.

Yes No

Other requirements


Further details for Class A projects only

Support requirements

Do you intend to use an existing parallel code for production (e.g. an ICHEC-supported package, your own code or some other community-developed application)?

Yes No

If "No", how do you plan to optimise the codes to run on parallel architecture?

Within your own group
With ICHEC support

Co-investigator details (optional)


By submitting this form, I grant permission to the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) to publish my name, affiliation details and research proposal title and abstract on the ICHEC website as they see fit, if the research proposal is accepted. Furthermore, I commit

to submit project reports for ICHEC scientific annual reviews, and

to acknowledging ICHEC in any resulting publications.

Note: By applying you confirm that you have read and accepted the ICHEC Acceptable Usage Policy.