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Active Research Projects

Active Project Breakdown

The following graph shows the number of active projects (Full National Service and National Capability Service) per scientific field and per application class (to see the list of projects which have expired, please go to this page):

Chemistry (69) 2 class A Chemistry projects 2
22 class B Chemistry projects 22
45 class C Chemistry projects 45
Class A project colour Class A (7)
Class B project colour Class B (60)
Class C project colour Class C (164)
Computer science (12) 0 class A Computer science projects 0
0 class B Computer science projects 0
12 class C Computer science projects 12
Earth sciences (12) 0 class A Earth sciences projects 0
0 class B Earth sciences projects 0
12 class C Earth sciences projects 12
Engineering (44) 2 class A Engineering projects 2
10 class B Engineering projects 10
32 class C Engineering projects 32
Life sciences (29) 0 class A Life sciences projects 0
11 class B Life sciences projects 11
18 class C Life sciences projects 18
Physics (51) 1 class A Physics projects 1
12 class B Physics projects 12
38 class C Physics projects 38
Others (14) 2 class A Other projects 2
5 class B Other projects 5
7 class C Other projects 7
Active research projects per application class & scientific field

Class A Projects

There are currently 7 active Class A projects:

Code PI Title
dsast013a Prof. Tom Ray Coupling of the solar atmosphere through small-scale transients
ndmat027a Prof. Frederic Dias ADVANSEAS - Advanced simulation of ocean energy systems in extreme seas
tcphy068a Prof. John Bulava Multi-hadron states in lattice QCD simulations
tiche063a Dr. John Carey Methanol Synthesis at the Terminal Interface of the Cr2O3/ZnO catalyst: Surface Islands or selective doping, and Fe2O3/ZnO as a new candidate catalyst?
ulche037a Dr. Damien Thompson Computational Design of next-generation Biocatalysts
uleng030a Prof. Harry Van den Akker Direct Numerical Simulations of the (marginally) turbulent flow field in a vessel stirred by a Rushton turbine
uleng041a Dr. Conor Mccarthy Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Performance and Processing of Adhesively Bonded Composite-to-metal Reversible Joints with Interlocking Surfaces

Class B Projects

There are currently 60 active Class B projects:

Code PI Title
cslif023b Dr. Gianpiero Cavalleri Genomic Insights into fine scale genetic population structure and ancestry within Ireland.
cslif026b Ms. Katherine Benson Identification of genomic biomarkers for use in clinical practice in the treatment of hereditary renal disease
dcast006b Dr. John Regan Uncovering the Formation Mechanisms of the First Super-Massive Black Holes
dclif041b Dr. Mary O'Connell Assessing the tempo and timing of gene/domain gain and loss across the metazoa
dsast016b Dr. Colm Coughlan New Discoveries at Low Frequencies - Searching for Young Stellar Objects and Exoplanets with LOFAR
dsast018b Dr. Jonathan Mackey Stellar Wind Simulations of the Bubble Nebula
ndast007b Dr. Elisa Pueschel Measuring the Gamma-ray Opacity of the Universe with VERITAS
ndche017b Dr. Goar Sanchez Phosphinines as new polymers for solar cells
ndeng030b Dr. Philip Cardiff Numerical Modelling of Steel Wire Rolling and Drawing
ndlif030b Prof. Emma Teeling Ageless: a comparative genomics and wildlife transcriptomics project to uncovere the mechanisms of extended longevity in bats
ndlif040b Dr. Simon Furney Anaysis of next generation sequencing data from cancer patient samples
ndlif062b Dr. Grazia Cottone A full atomistic computational study of the active and inactive states of the human α7 nicotinic receptor
ndphy074b Dr. Niall English van der Waals and quantum effects on the properties of water and ice
ndphy079b Prof. Giovanni Ciccotti High performace calculations of approximate quantum time correlation func- tions for gas and condensed phase systems
ngche032b Dr. David Cheung Adsorption and aggregation of metalloporphyrins at liquid interfaces
ngche045b Dr. David Cheung Effect of surface structure on peptide adsorption
ngeng069b Dr. Patrick McGarry Simulating Cell Contractility and Remodelling for Structural Heart and Vascular Applications
ngeng074b Dr. Rory Monaghan Numerical Characterization of Unsteady Turbulent Flow under Non-reacting and Reacting Engine Relevant Conditions.
ngeng081b Dr. Jamie Goggins Extreme wave-structure interaction
ngeng083b Prof. Peter McHugh Stent Design and In-Vivo Analysis using the Finite Element Method
ngeng089b Dr. Magdalena Hajdukiewicz Aerodynamic investigation of para-cycling aerodynamics using CFD
nmlif033b Dr. James McInerney Analysis of gene fission and fusion events in the fungal kingdom
nmlif036b Dr. Sarah Connell Population genomics and transcriptomics of Agaricus bisporus and its associated mycoviruses
nmlif038b Dr. Elisa Fadda Molecular recognition of the p53-nReg by target receptors: How conformational disorder confers differential binding specificity
nmphy011b Dr. Mikael Fremling Microscopic modelling of topologically ordered systems
tcche053b Prof. Graeme Watson Investigating oxide ion diffusion in some bismuth oxide grain boundaries
tcche054b Prof. Graeme Watson Investigation of oxide ion diffusion at grain boundaries of samaria doped ceria
tcche055b Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt Investigation of the electronic configuration of the various redox states of the oxygen evolving complex model and a novel manganese cluster.
tcche056b Dr. Aoife Kehoe Ab initio modelling of novel p-type transparent conducting oxides Ni- and Zn-doped Cr2O3
tcche058b Dr. Aoife Kehoe Alkaline earth defect formation in orthorhombic LaMnO3
tceng014b Dr. Tim Persoons A numerical-experimental analysis of air flow, heat transfer and aeroacoustics to develop new architectures for rack-mounted servers in next generation sustainable data centres
tclif024b Dr. Daniel Bradley Genomics of Cattle Domestication and Past Human Migrations Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data of Ancient DNA
tclif027b Prof. Martin Caffrey Molecular simulations of bacterial enzymes: novel targets in the combat against antimicrobial resistance.
tcphy065b Dr. Charles Patterson Impact of silicon surface oxidation on transistor performance
tcphy083b Dr. David O'Regan Re-organization energy of pentacene molecule adsorbed on a flake of graphene
tcphy088b Dr. Matthew Ellis Multi-scale modelling of novel magnetic tunnel junctions for high-density non-volatile memory applications
tcphy090b Dr. Yanhui Zhang Atomistic simulation of interfaces and point defects in UHTCMCs
tcphy091b Dr. Nuala Caffrey Atomic and Molecular Intercalation in TwoDimensional Layered Materials from First Principles
tiche059b Dr. Marco Fronzi Investigation of Two Dimensional Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
tiche065b Dr. Simon Elliott New routes to silicon carbide thin films through atomic-scale computation
tiche066b Dr. Michael Nolan Mixed Metal Oxides for Preferential CO Oxidation: MixedOxides
tiche069b Dr. John Carey Dehydrogenation of methanol to formaldehyde on the MOx (M = V, Cr) modified (100) surface of γ-Al2O3
tiche070b Dr. Julio Gutierrez On the design of novel anti-biofouling materials by Density Functional Theory calculations
tiche073b Dr. Simon Elliott Simulating plasma-enhanced deposition in DFT (SPLENDID)
tiche074b Dr. Michael Nolan Local interfacial structure in titania composites and their interaction with molecules
tieng012b Dr. Lida Ansari First Principles simulation of semimetal thin films and nanowires for end of technology road map transistors
tiphy032b Dr. Ivana Savic Reducing the Lattice Thermal Conductivity by Driving PbTe to a Phase Transition via Alloying
tiphy033b Dr. Stefan Schulz Atomistic Modelling of transport properties of nitride-based quantum wells
tiphy038b Dr. Ivana Savic Lattice Thermal Conductivity of PbSe Driven Near Structural Phase Transition
ucast008b Dr. Asaf Pe'er Short-Timescale Variability and Particle Acceleration in Magnetically Arrested Accretion Flows
ulche009b Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Identification and structural characterization of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade: Preliminary studies
ulche017b Dr. Pierre-André Cazade Are peptide linkers functional actors or passive spectators in biological nanomachines?
ulche026b Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Enhanced sampling studies with Gromacs of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade.
ulche027b Dr. Damien Thompson Mechanostability of wild type and mutant 1AOH cohesin modelled using all-atom steered molecular dynamics (SMD)
ulche034b Dr. Liang Xu Characterization of the polymorphism of α-synuclein fibril structures by molecular dynamics simulations
uleng037b Prof. Michael McCarthy Class B Addendum Application A finite element model of the ATL consolidation of thermoplastic pre-preg tape
uleng040b Mr. Fengwei Sun Investigation of microscale deformation and failure of weldments in next generation martensitic steels
ulphy026b Dr. Damien Thompson Modelling Charge Pathways in Molecular Assemblies
appngche034 Dr. David Cheung Adsorption and aggregation of metalloporphyrins at liquid interfaces

Class C Projects

There are currently 164 active Class C projects:

Code PI Title
cieng006c Mr. Brian Hand Aerodynamic and structural design of an offshore vertical axis wind turbine
csche001c Mr. Scott McKay Benchmarking of Ab Initio Method for Calculation of Fluorescence Quantum Yield for BF2-Azadipyrromethene Dyes
cslif021c Dr. Edelmiro Moman Virtual screening of Farnesoid X Receptor Agonists
cslif024c Ms. Amy Cole Whole genome sequencing in two distinct indigenous high altitude populations to identify unique and shared signals of selection in response to hypoxia
cslif025c Ms. Caragh Stapleton Identifying causal mutations underlying rare forms of chronic kidney disease
dcche009c Prof. Conor Long Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory to Model The Photophysics and Photochemistry of Biologically Important Inorganic and Organometallic Systems
dccom040c Mr. Jian Zhang Domain Adaptation on Machine Translation using Deep Learning II
dccom041c Mr. Jian Zhang Neural Machine Translation Investigation
dccom042c Mr. Peyman Passban Neural Machine Translation for Morphologically Rich Languages
dclif042c Dr. Tim Downing Investigating bacterial and parasitic genomes
dsast019c Dr. Jonathan Mackey Chemistry and Thermodynamics of Interstellar Gas Clouds Irradiated by X-rays
dsear022c Ms. Duygu Kiyan 3-D Magnetotelluric Imaging of Furnas Volcano, Sᾶo Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago, Portugal)
dsear023c Mr. Thomas Farrell 3D Geophysical Modelling of the Galway Granite Batholith, a Potential Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Prospect
dsear024c Dr. Florian Le Pape 3D acoustic/seismic wave propagation simulations
dsear025c Mr. Thomas Farrell 3D Inversion Strategies for Magnetotelluric Data
dsear026c Dr. Francois Lavoue Seismic waveform imaging of western Ireland's offshore basins
dsear027c Ms. Duygu Kiyan 3-D Audio-Magnetotelluric Imaging of the Sᾶo Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago, Portugal)
dsear028c Mr. Matteo Ravenna Bayesian Inversion of Surface-wave dispersion curves for the radial and azimuthal anisotropy of the Earth crust and upper mantle
dsphy005c Dr. Veselin Filev Tests of the gauge/gravity duality with fundamental matter II
dsphy006c Dr. Graham Kells Better quantum computation through localisation-enhanced topological-order
dsphy007c Dr. Yuhma Asano Phase structure of thermal M-theory on the plane wave geometry
dsphy008c Dr. Samuel Kovacik Phase structure of matrix models
dsphy009c Prof. Denjoe O'Connor A Non-perturbative Study of Supersymmetric Relativistic Membranes
dtast004c Dr. Stephen O'Sullivan Stabilized Runge-Kutta methods for astrophysical problems with strong advection.
dtcom004c Mr. Aniket Sanyal Investigating the predictive power of online communities of online investors
dtlif001c Mr. Ajay Pal Development of novel anticancer therapeutics targeting G-protein coupled receptor: GPR120
gmlif001c Mr. Paul Dolder Modelling spatio-temporal dynamics of fish populations in the Celtic Sea
iccom007c Dr. Simon Wong Analysis of I/O performance with Darshan
icear001c Mr. Alastair McKinstry Benchmarking of EC-Earth 3.2 with PISCES
icear006c Dr. Adam Ralph Parallelization and Visualization of Shallow Water Equations.
icear007c Dr. Paul Nolan Performance of the WRF numerical weather prediction model in simulating precipitation.
igche001c Dr. Fintan Kelleher Conformational analysis of bacterial communication molecules using DFT calculations
igche002c Dr. lien luu Molecular Modeling of molecular clips with dihydroxy benzene guests.
iseng003c Mr. William Wilson Numerical and Experimental Investigations of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Infrastructure Construction
nccom001c Mr. Jonathan McNicholas Emotion recognition using Deep Convolution neural networks.
ndche018c Mr. Niall Collins Understanding and exploiting the isomerisation of vinyl to allyl sulfones
ndcom007c Dr. Anthony Ventresque Testing the Cloud
ndcom008c Ms. Laxmi Muralidharan Numerical modelling of the ankle joint
ndeng033c Ms. Antonia Trotta Development of a realistic skin model for head model refinement.
ndeng034c Ms. Aisling Ni Annaidh Optimisation of novel microneedle designs
ndeng035c Ms. Karen Fitzgerald Overcoming Post-Operative Hip Instability: A Numerical Model Approach
ndlif063c Dr. Lorraine McGill Genome characterisation and comparative analysis of a monogenean marine ectoparasite.
ndlif064c Dr. Graham Hughes Comparative genomics and microbiomics of biological ageing in long and short-lived mammal species
ndlif065c Mr. David Jebb An investigation of accelerated mitoproteome evolution in Chiroptera
ndlif066c Dr. Simon Furney Identification of somatic variants from RNA-seq data
ndmat026c Dr. Miguel Bustamante Robust Energy Transfer Mechanism via Precession Resonance in Nonlinear Systems
ndphy077c Mr. Colm Herbert Conformational dynamics of diphenylamine
ndphy078c Mr. Colm Herbert Simulation of RNA Molecular Dynamics
ndphy080c Dr. Vladimir Lobaskin Permeability of endothelial glycocalyx
ndphy081c Dr. Lennon O'Naraigh Anomalous scaling behaviour in turbulent phase separation of binary fluids
ndphy082c Mr. Brajesh Narayan Conformational dynamics of diphenylamine
ngche033c Dr. David Cheung Simulation of peptide-nucleotide mixtures
ngche034c Mr. Niall Wilson Assessment of implications of the atmospheric chemistry of tetrahydrofurans (THF, 2-methyl THF and 2,5-dimethyl THF) on human health using computational quantum chemistry methods
ngche035c Dr. Judith Wurmel Assessment of implications of the atmospheric chemistry of tetrahydrofurans (THF, 2-methyl THF and 2,5-dimethyl THF) on human health using computational quantum chemistry methods
ngche036c Dr. Yanjin Sun Kinetics and thermochemistry studies on the key reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche037c Ms. Jennifer Power Theoretical investigations of the important reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche038c Dr. Kieran Somers Quantum Chemical Studies on the Combustion Reactions of Dimethyl Ether and Implications for Modelling the Combustion of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels
ngche039c Dr. Paul Kavanagh Rational design of redox mediators for diagnostic, energy and therapeutic applications.
ngche040c Dr. Chongwen Zhou Theoretical investigations on the key reaction classes involved in butadiene chemistry
ngche041c Prof. John Simmie Computational quantum chemistry for the determination of the thermodynamics and kinetics of reactions of significance in atmospheric, combustion and interstellar chemistry.
ngche042c Ms. Jennifer Power Theoretical investigations of the important reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche043c Mr. Yang Li Quantum Chemical Studies on Allylic Radical Oxidation Chemistry
ngche044c Dr. Yanjin Sun Kinetics and thermochemistry studies on the key reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche046c Prof. Patrick McArdle Computational quantum chemistry for the analysis of pharmaceuticals and bioactive metal complexes.
ngcom004c Ms. Martina Curran Multi-Model Computational Learning to Explore and Evaluate Policy Actions for Infectious Disease Mitigation
ngcom005c Mr. Mihael Arcan Experiments on English-Irish Neural Machine Translation
ngear009c Mr. Razvan Radulescu 20 Year Continuous Volcanic Ash Eruption Climatology Investigation over North Atlantic European Region
ngear010c Dr. Yiwen Xu high-resolution marine meteorology observation and forecasting: remote sensing, modelling, data assimilation and integration
ngeng076c Mr. Patrick Ashton Crystallographic Texture Effects in Fretting Crack Initiation
ngeng079c Mr. Paul Mannion Aerodynamic optimization of cycling in para sports
ngeng080c Ms. Barbara Oliveira Numerical modelling of Microwave Breast Imaging systems using a Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) formulation
ngeng082c Dr. Le Chi Hung Numerical and experimental studies of soil depressurisation systems (active and passive)
ngeng084c Ms. Eimear O'Hara Multi-scale thermo-mechanical characterisation of next generation power plant materials
ngeng085c Mr. Brian Mannion CFD Modelling of a Novel Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine
ngeng086c Mr. Paul Mannion A development of a CFD methodology for tandem cycling aerodynamics
ngeng087c Mr. Jospeh McGovern Modelling Irish transitional and coastal systems to determine nutrient reduction measures to achieve good status
ngeng088c Mr. Ronan Devaney The corrosion-fatigue of welded steel catenary risers
ngeng090c Ms. Lilia Flores-Mateos Numerical Tidal Resource Assessment in a Channel
ngeng091c Mr. Colin O'Neill CFD Modelling of Particles Settling in a Circular Clarifier
ngeng092c Mr. Brian Mannion Continued research on the Modelling of a Novel Vertical Axis Tidal Turbine
nglif025c Mr. Jose Aguilar-Camacho Evolution of Cathepsins L and Silicateins in Metazoa through transcriptomics approaches
ngmat004c Dr. Niall Madden Sparse grid finite element methods, and fast solvers, for high-dimensional problems
ngphy013c Dr. Clare Noone high resolution meteorological and air quality forecasts over ireland and western Atlantic.
ngphy014c Mr. Cillian Joy Atmospheric modelling using Flexpart and WRF
ngphy015c Mr. Michael Martyn Monte Carlo modelling of the dosimetric consequences of a 3D ultrasound probe in radiotherapy
ngphy016c Mr. Michael Martyn Monte Carlo modelling of Mega-voltage photon beams in radiotherapy
ngphy017c Dr. Rong-Ming Hu Improving high-resolution meteorology and air pollution forecast and data assimilation over Ireland, Europe and Atlantic Ocean
nmche008c Ms. Aoife Harbison Computationally guided engineering of alpha-L-fucosidases: Fine tuning a new bioreagentfor cancer diagnostics applications
nmche009c Mr. Matthew Nixon Investigating the role of point mutations on the stability of a β-turn motif of XPA when bound to ERCC1
nmcom007c Mr. Micheal Griffin A look into GPU research into the audio processing techniques of additive synthesis with a massive number of partials each with amplitude and frequency envelopes.
nmeng002c Mr. Giuseppe Giorgi Computation of the response of a heaving buoy wave energy converter under latching control in OpenFOAM.
nmeng003c Mr. Giuseppe Giorgi Computation of the response of a heaving buoy wave energy converter under latching control in OpenFOAM.
nmlif037c Dr. Gemma Kinsella Novel inhibitors of the Potassium Channel Kv1.1
nmlif039c Mr. Jamie McGowan Genome assembly, annotation and analysis of a novel plant pathogen.
nmphy010c Mr. John Brennan Simulating the fusion and braiding of non-abelian anyons in the Kitaev honeycomb model
nmphy012c Ms. Una O'Rourke Simulating interactions between non-abelian anyons in the Kitaev honeycomb model
tcast003c Mr. Dualta O Fionnagain Modelling interactions between stellar winds and exoplanets
tcche057c Mr. Bjorn Poulsen Design of ruthenium polypyridyl complexes for the use in photodynamic therapy against cancer
tcche061c Dr. Max Garcia Melchor A DFT Study on the Mechanism of Transmetalation Reactions Involving Rh(I)/Ir(I) and Au(I) Metal Complexes
tcche062c Mr. Bjorn Poulsen Computational studies of supramolecular systems
tcche063c Dr. Max Garcia Melchor Mimicking Class Ib Dimanganese Ribonucleotide Reductase: A Dinuclear Manganese Complex and its Interaction with Superoxide
tcche064c Dr. Isabel Rozas Theoretical study on porphyrin/ guanidine conjugates as potential binders of Guanine-Quadruplexes
tccom004c Dr. Aravind Vasudevan Classic image processing aided compression of Deep Neural Networks while training
tceng010c Mr. Morten Meyer Simulation of gas-solid flows within the project Supersonic Spray Advance Modelling (SSAM)
tceng011c Mr. Quentin Pelletier A numerical shape optimization of a heat transfer device using genetic algorithms
tceng012c Dr. Tim Persoons Convective heat transfer and aeroacoustics in data centre servers
tceng013c Mr. Patrick Okolo Numerical Investigation of Mesh Screens Application for Landing Gear Noise Reduction
tclif025c Mr. Ross Byrne Investigating ancestral substructure in medical genomics datasets
tclif026c Ms. Marta Verdugo Ancient DNA of whole Near Eastern cattle genomes
tclif028c Mr. Kevin Daly Ancient DNA and Goat Genomes at the Dawn of Agriculture
tclif029c Ms. Lara Cassidy Investigating Irish prehistoric population structure through the use of ancient genomes.
tclif030c Dr. Pierpaolo Maisano Delser On the origin of livestock domestication: demographic inferences using whole-genome data from modern and ancient samples.
tcphy075c Dr. Matthew Ellis Multi-scale modelling of spin transfer torque from first principles: high performance spin dynamics
tcphy076c Mr. Mario Zic Magnetism of Iron in Heusler Alloys
tcphy077c Dr. Yanhui Zhang Atomistic simulation of next generation ceramic composites
tcphy078c Dr. Alessandro Lunghi Spin Phonon Interaction in Vanadyl Molecular Crystals
tcphy079c Dr. Carlo Motta Computational modeling of hybrid perovskite
tcphy080c Dr. Alessandro Lunghi Phonons dephasing in Vanadyl Molecular Crystals
tcphy081c Mr. Jacopo Simoni ultrafast magnetism with time dependent density functional theory
tcphy082c Mr. Subhayan Roychoudhury Calcuation of spin-orbit matrix elements of organic crystals with respect to maximally localised wannier function
tcphy084c Mr. Urvesh Patil Molecular adsorption of solvents on the MoS2 basal plane: Surface energy mapping
tcphy085c Dr. Yanhui Zhang Atomistic simulation of the shearing behavior of MB2-Graphene interfaces
tcphy086c Ms. Anais Colibaba Design of solar harvesting materials
tcphy087c Dr. Maria Stamenova Preparation for modelling of non-volatile magneto-electrical memory devices
tcphy089c Mr. Glenn Moynihan Towards first-principles linear-scaling DFT+U calculations of doped Mg:Cr2O3
tcphy092c Mr. Jens Winkelmann Simulations of columnar soft sphere structures
tiche061c Dr. Michael Nolan Can Bi-containing materials activate CO2?
tiche067c Dr. Julio Gutierrez TiN films for anti-biofouling applications
tiche068c Dr. Julio Gutierrez Oxidised TiN films for anti-biofouling applications
tiche071c Mr. Stephen Rhatigan Ceria nanocluster-modified TiO2 for CO2 Activation: Probing oxygen vacancies as active sites
tiche072c Mr. Stephen Rhatigan Nanocluster-modified metal oxide surfaces for photocatalytic and photothermal water splitting: Probing oxygen vacancies as active sites.
tieng014c Dr. Pedram Razavi Creating a library of examples for the electron transport code
tiphy036c Ms. Amy Kirwan Development of Multiscale Models for Design and Analysis of Nitride Based Heterostructures.
tiphy037c Ms. Amy Kirwan Development of Multiscale Models for Design and Analysis of Nitride Based Heterostructures.
tiphy039c Mr. Silviu Bogusevschi AlGaInP-based Quantum Dot LEDs as efficient red light sources
tiphy040c Ms. Amy Kirwan Abinitio Study of the Electronic Properties of Highly Mismatched Alloys Ge:C.
ucast007c Mr. Michael O' Riordan Short-Timescale Variability From Near-Horizon Emission In Accreting Black Hole Systems
ucche009c Dr. Davide Tiana Design of Novel Phosphine-Functionalised Metal-Organic- Frameworks as superior Hydroformylation Catalysts for Olefines production
uceng005c Ms. Ariel Edesess Offshore wind farm maintenance: Applications to OpenFOAM solutions for free surface flow around a surface piercing cylinder
ulche021c Dr. Manik Ghosh Computational Study of Chemical Conversions of Glucose to Hydroxymethylfurfural and Furfuryl alcohol by Acid Hydrolysis.
ulche022c Dr. Damien Thompson Identifying solvent treatments to offset polymer contamination of CVD grown graphene
ulche023c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Molecular Dynamics simulation of Amyloid-Beta 42 monomer in Hexafluoroisopropanol and water
ulche024c Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Molecular Dynamics simulation of Amyloid-40 monomer in Hexafluoroisopropanol and water
ulche025c Dr. Adam Orlowski Atomistic details of cellulose disruption by expansins
ulche028c Dr. Manik Ghosh Computational Study for the Chemical Conversion of Sugars to Fuels.
ulche029c Dr. Liang Xu Effect of familial mutations on the aggregation of human alpha-synuclein proteins
ulche030c Dr. Liang Xu Optimization of the alpha-synuclein fibril structures by molecular dynamics simulations
ulche031c Mr. Vivek Verma Probing the Interaction between Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Excipients using Gaussian
ulche032c Dr. Liang Xu Modelling the interactions of amyloid beta oligomers with metal ions
ulche033c Dr. Adam Orlowski Study of protein-excipient and protein-water interactions at a molecular level
ulche035c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Deciphering the mechanism of conversion of cellular Prion to scrapie form: insights from all-atomistic simulations
ulche036c Dr. Adam Orlowski Energetics of cellulose binding by expansins
uleng036c Mr. Michael Corbett Finite element analysis and optimisation of fastener-less joining technologies for hybrid composite-metal structures
uleng038c Mr. Jerry O'Brien Structural investigation of a full wind turbine structure using a transient fluid-structure interaction process
uleng039c Mr. Connor Cunnane Is helical flow a surrogate marker of exposure to disturbed shear in arteriovenous fistulae.
uleng042c Dr. Orest Shardt Droplet Collisions and Coalescence in Transient Flows
uleng043c Mr. Connor Cunnane Is helical flow a surrogate marker of exposure to disturbed shear in patient specific arteriovenous fistulae.
uleng044c Ms. Sinead Morley Computational Fluid Dynamic Modelling of Large Particles and Cells (>10% the channel width) in Micro-channels.
uleng045c Dr. Philip Griffin Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Blade-Vortex Interaction Noise of a Rotorcraft Abstract
ulmat005c Prof. James Gleeson Near-critical avalanche dynamics on networks
ulphy023c Mr. Shane O Mahony Investigating the interaction of a hydrophobin mutant with an alcohol terminated SAM using Molecular Dynamics.
ulphy024c Mr. Shane O Mahony Calculating a Potential of Mean Force that describes His-tag enabled adsorption of a fluorescent protein using umbrella sampling.
ulphy025c Dr. Andy Stewart Towards quantitative data analysis for transmission electron microscopy data from hard and soft mater materials.

Condominium Shares

As part of a shared services model, a number of HEIs have availed of the opportunity to own shares (or condominiums) on Stokes. The table below gives the details of these condominium shares.

Institution No. Shares No. Cores No. Users
DCU 1 96 44
DIAS 1.5 144 24
NUIG 0.5 48 8
NUIM 2 192 18
UCD 3.25 312 69
UL 0.5 48 21

Expired Projects

This page doesn't include any data for expired projects. For details of these please visit the expired research projects page.