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Active Research Projects

Active Project Breakdown

The following graph shows the number of active projects (Full National Service and National Capability Service) per scientific field and per application class (to see the list of projects which have expired, please go to this page):

Chemistry (21) 3 class A Chemistry projects 3
6 class B Chemistry projects 6
12 class C Chemistry projects 12
Class A project colour Class A (9)
Class B project colour Class B (39)
Class C project colour Class C (92)
Computer science (2) 0 class A Computer science projects 0
0 class B Computer science projects 0
2 class C Computer science projects 2
Earth sciences (5) 1 class A Earth sciences projects 1
0 class B Earth sciences projects 0
4 class C Earth sciences projects 4
Engineering (27) 1 class A Engineering projects 1
9 class B Engineering projects 9
17 class C Engineering projects 17
Life sciences (28) 0 class A Life sciences projects 0
8 class B Life sciences projects 8
20 class C Life sciences projects 20
Physics (38) 2 class A Physics projects 2
11 class B Physics projects 11
25 class C Physics projects 25
Others (17) 2 class A Other projects 2
5 class B Other projects 5
10 class C Other projects 10
Active research projects per application class & scientific field

Class A Projects

There are currently 9 active Class A projects:

Code PI Title
ndche010a Dr. Simone Meloni Deprotonation of Weak Acids in Water by Temperature Accelerated (hybrid) Monte Carlo
ndmat018a Prof. Gary McGuire Setting a World Record for Discrete Logarithm Based Cryptography
ndmat019a Prof. Frederic Dias High-end computational modelling for wave energy
ndphy037a Dr. Niall English Massively-parallel molecular simulation studies of nano-scale crystal formation
ndphy056a Dr. Niall English Highly-parallel ab initio molecular simulation and dynamics studies of metal oxide-water interfaces
nmear004a Dr. Rowan Fealy Next Generation, High Resolution, DEcadal and Long-Term Climate Simulations for IrelAnd (DELTA)
tcche028a Prof. Graeme Watson Defects and doping limits in SnO2
tiche041a Dr. Simon Elliott Simulating material transformations across multiple scales (SIMTRAMS)
uleng021a Prof. Michael McCarthy Multi-functional Graphene/Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites

Class B Projects

There are currently 39 active Class B projects:

Code PI Title
dcast005b Dr. Turlough Downes MF-DISK: Protoplanetary disk dynamics: the multifluid magneto-rotational instability, gaps and jets
dclif023b Dr. Mary O'Connell Mammalian Phylogeny and Evolution: Heterogeneous Modeling Approach
dclif024b Dr. Mary O'Connell Resolving the Intra-order placement of the Laurasiatheria
dclif027b Dr. Mary O'Connell Genomic rearrangements as a mechanism of novel gene genesis in amniotes
dclif030b Dr. Mary O'Connell Comparative genomic analysis of protein coding elements in terrestrial and marine mammals
dsast010b Dr. Andrew Taylor Jet Acceleration
ndast005b Dr. Barry Wardell Self-consistent orbital evolution of particles around black holes
ndeng014b Dr. Jonathan Byrne Evolving Parametric Aircraft Models for Design Exploration and Optimisation
ndphy049b Dr. Run Long Electronic structure and photocatalyitc properties of metal oxides from hybrid density functional theory calculations
ndphy051b Dr. Antonio Benedetto Molecular dynamics simulations of lipid bilayer stacks in water solutions of room temperature ionic liquids
ndphy052b Dr. Run Long Excited-State Dynamics on Novel Light Harvesting Materials to Aid Design of Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar cells
ngche017b Dr. Henry Curran Computational Quantum Chemistry and Kinetics of the Interaction of OH and HO2 Radicals with Biofuels
ngeng048b Investigating the Deformation Characteristics of Stented Femoropopliteal Arteries
ngeng054b Dr. Nicola Kelly Endobronchial and Coronary Stent Design and Analysis using the Finite Element Method
nglif015b Dr. Gerhard Schlosser Identification of Six1 and Eya1 target genes in Xenopus laevis using RNA-Seq
nglif018b Dr. Charles Spillane Identification of orphans in sequenced plant species
nglif021b Dr. Noel Harrison Orthopaedic Implant Design and Computational Simulation
ngmat003b Dr. Alexander D Rahm Computing level one cuspidal Bianchi modular forms
ngphy007b Dr. Damien Martin (INFORM) Integrated volcanic ash forecasting system
nmphy006b Dr. Jonivar Skullerud Pushing the strong interaction past its breaking point with highly anisotropic lattices
tcche038b Dr. Michael Bridge Investigating the deNOx ability of a stepped Rh {443} surface
tceng004b Dr. Craig Meskell Flow-Induced Vibration in Wind Turbines Blades: CFD analysis of vortex shedding.
tclif015b Prof. Martin Caffrey Investigation of the Mode of Action of an Integral Membrane Kinase. Conformational Stability, Flexibility, and Lipid-Protein Interactions
tcphy028b Dr. Stefan Sint Scale evolution of the strong coupling constant in four flavour QCD
tcphy036b Dr. Thomas Archer Tetragonally Distorted Heuslers
tcphy038b Dr. Carlo Motta Charge transport in organic crystals with Wannier functions
tcphy039b Dr. Charles Patterson Optical Spectroscopy of Semiconductor and Oxide Surfaces
tcphy043b Dr. Maria Stamenova Time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) simulations of laser-induced ultra-fast magnetisation dynamics in transition metals
tiche039b Dr. Damien Thompson Computer-aided design of redox active monolayers for nanoelectronics
tiche040b Dr. Simon Elliott Simulating growth of high-k dielectric on III-V semiconductor substrate
tiche043b Dr. Damien Thompson Modelling polymer stretching in biological environments
tieng006b Mrs. Lida Ansari First Principle Simulations of Semiconductor and Semimetal Nanowire Transistors
tiphy020b Dr. Giorgos Fagas The Amorphous-Crystalline Si Interface and its Influence on Photovoltaic Properties.
ulche005b Dr. Jacek Zeglinski Crystal Nucleation of Pharmaceutical Compounds – A Molecular Perspective
uleng015b Prof. Michael McCarthy Fatigue behaviour of metal-composite hybrid bolted joints
uleng018b Dr. Daniel Mulvihill Improving the load carrying capacity of multi-bundle carbon nanotube fibres
uleng020b Prof. Michael McCarthy Finite strain behaviour of carbon nanotube/epoxy nanocomposites under compressive loading
uleng022b Prof. Michael McCarthy Finite Element Modelling of Automated Tape Laying of Thermoplastic Composites
ulmat002b Prof. James Gleeson Modelling spreading on Facebook

Class C Projects

There are currently 92 active Class C projects:

Code PI Title
cieng001c Mr. nazar baker A computational analysis of the effect of airflow regime on particle concentration rates in cleanrooms
cilif001c Ms. Lynda Gunn Selective pressure variation in the rotavirus group
com001c Mr. Joseph Kehoe Heterogeneous Concurrency for Agent Based Model Simulations.
cslif009c Ms. Guiyeom Kang ANGIOPREDICT—Predictive Genomic Biomarkers Methods for Combination Bevacizumab (Avastin) Therapy in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
dceng001c Dr. Ergun Bicici Large Scale Experiments on Machine Translation Performance Prediction for High Quality Machine Translation
dclif026c Ms. Kathryn McRae Identification of Variation in the Sheep Genome Controlling Gastrointestinal Nematode Resistance
dclif028c Mr. Raymond Moran Placing the root of the placental mammals.
dclif029c Ms. Kathryn McRae Identification of Variation in the Sheep Genome Controlling Gastrointestinal Nematode Resistance.
dclif031c Dr. Mary O'Connell Gene birth and death rates in taste receptor families across the mammals and an assessment of their protein functional divergence.
dclif032c Dr. Mary O'Connell Comparative genomic analysis for the identification of Gene Fusion events in rodent genomes.
dcphy005c Mr. Cathal OBroin The effect of stochastically varying carrier-envelope phase on Above Threshold Ionisation
dsear005c Mr. Thomas Hoskin Magnetotelluric imaging of the North Perth basin and major controls of geothermal fluid migration.
dsear007c Dr. Florian Le Pape 3D modelling of WAXI magnetotelluric data
dsear008c Ms. Duygu Kiyan Three-dimensional magnetotelluric imaging of crustal and uppermost mantle structures of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
dtast001c Dr. Stephen O'Sullivan Code development for particle acceleration simulation
eng001c Dr. Darren Whitaker Enhanced Process Monitoring and Control Technology to Accelerate Development of Bioresorbable Polymeric Medical Devices
icast004c Dr. Michael Lysaght Enabling PRMAT on Xeon Phi - PRACE 2IP WP8
icche001c Dr. Michael Lysaght Exploiting CP2K application for exascale computing with accelerators using OpenACC/OpenCL and porting Cellular Automata Library to Xeon Phi with OpenMP
icphy004c Dr. Michael Lysaght Algebraic Multi-Grid solver for Lattice QCD on multi-core and Intel MIC architectures
icphy005c Dr. Alin Elena The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything
ndche009c Dr. Durba Roy Multiscale Quantum-Classical Study of Energy Transfer in Photosystem II
ndcom002c Dr. Jonathan Byrne Evolving Parametric Aircraft Models for Design Exploration and Optimisation.
ndeng015c Mr. Cian Fitzgerald Analysis of Stresses on an Integrated Drill-Deburring Tool
ndhum002c Dr. Johan Elkink Estimating Binary Spatial Autoregressive Models for Extreme Value Distributions and Bank Defaults
ndlif024c Prof. Emma Teeling Bat ‘wildlife’ transcriptomics explores the mechanisms of halted ageing in mammals
ndlif025c Mr. Graham Hughes Uncovering the evolution of olfaction in mammals
ndlif026c Ms. Aoife Crowe Peptides Traversing Lipid Membranes
ndlif027c Dr. Niall English Benchmarking of ab initio modelling of proteins’ active sites
ndlif028c Dr. Donal MacKernan Diabetes mellitus type 2 Advanced Molecular Simulation Investigation of GLp1R receptor and binding properties of selected short peptides
ndmat017c Prof. Gary McGuire Solving a Discrete Logarithm Problem in Cryptography
ndmat020c Dr. Lennon O'Naraigh Towards a complete theoretical and numerical description of three-dimensionality in phase separation
ndmat021c Dr. Claudio Viotti Large scale numerical simulations of random sea states
ndmat022c Dr. Miguel Bustamante Genesis and Development of Extreme Events in Fluids
ndmat023c Dr. Miguel Bustamante Extreme Events in highly nonlinear regimes: Spatio-temporal structures of pre-shock singularities in 3D Euler fluid equations
ndphy053c Mr. Shourjya Sanyal An Ab-­initio Study of Spectral Features of the Enhanced Cyan Fluorescent Protein Chromophore
ndphy054c Dr. Goar Sanchez Energy Transfer in Light-harvesting Biomolecular Complexes
ndphy055c Mr. Bartlomiej Tywoniuk Molecular mechanisms controlling the formation and stability of Alzheimer’s amyloid beta and tau fibrils and oligomers
ndphy057c Mr. Ye Yuan Conformational Dynamics and Structural Stability of hIAPP Protofilaments : Application to Fibril Design
ngche018c Ms. Hannah Smith Development of Anti-Adhesion Based Influenza Blockers
ngcom002c Ms. Soheila Dehghanzadeh kdd2013 author-paper identification challenge
ngear005c Dr. Colin Brown Development of software to infer seabed geotechnical conditions from remotely-sensed multibeam marine acoustic data
ngeng047c Mr. David Nolan Parameter study to validate and calibrate a new computational material model for bone
ngeng049c Mr. Eoin Larkin Computational modelling of wind farm aerodynamics
ngeng050c Ms. Caoimhe Sweeney Microstructure-Sensitive Modelling of Fatigue with Application to Stents
ngeng051c Dr. Nicola Kelly Endobronchial and Coronary Stent Design and Analysis using the Finite Element Method
ngeng052c Mr. Lei Ren Development of a novel data assimilation procedure for hydrodynamic forecasting in the coastal region
ngeng053c Mr. David Grogan A combined XFEM – cohesive zone model for predicting composite laminate permeability
ngeng055c Simulating the response of cells to applied dynamic loading
nglif019c Dr. Manal Mohammed How Bioinformatics can contribute to research in food/ water borne infection and antimicrobial resistance?
nglif020c Dr. Noel Harrison Orthopaedic Implant Design and Computational Simulation
ngphy008c Dr. Aditya Vaishya Verification of Sources and Sinks of Irish Greenhouse Gases
nmche001c Dr. Elisa Fadda Stability and dynamics of the nucleosome core particles: A molecular level insight into the evolution of chromatin
nmlif023c development of a rapid microbial identification system
nmlif024c Dr. Elisa Fadda Effect of point mutations on the conformational dynamics of the wild type XPA69-80 peptide.
nmphy007c Dr. Niall Moran Fractional quantum Hall states on toroidal geometries
tcast002c Dr. Eamon Scullion High resolution solar image processing.
tcche037c Dr. Isabel Rozas Cation-π interactions: complexes of guanidinium and aromatic aminoacids
tcche039c Dr. Isabel Rozas Extension on Cation-π interactions: complexes of guanidinium and aromatic aminoacids
tcche040c Prof. Graeme Watson Optimization and Scaling analysis of VASP on Fionn
tceng005c Mr. Sajad Alimohammadi Developing a validated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methodology for the fluid dynamics and convective heat transfer to unsteady impinging jets
tclif016c Dr. Eduardo Garcia Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Farnesoid X Receptor
tclif017c Mr. Rui Martiniano Whole genome imputation of low coverage Next-Generation Sequencing data of ancient DNA.
tcphy032c Dr. Thomas Archer Tetragonally distorted Heuslers: Code development
tcphy033c Mr. Mario Zic High-Throughput DFT Code development
tcphy034c Dr. Charles Patterson Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy of GaAs(001) surfaces: Comparison of density functional theory (DFT) and experiment
tcphy035c Dr. Charles Patterson Structural Properties of semiconductor-oxide interfaces
tcphy037c Dr. Carlo Motta Testing AIMS and Wannier90 for calculating charge transport in organic crystals
tcphy040c First principles theory for electron transport in organic materials
tcphy041c Dr. Ivan Rungger Voltage-dependence of energy barriers for defect migration in metal/oxide junctions
tcphy042c Mr. Awadhesh Narayan Magnetic impurities in Topological Insulators
tcphy044c Mr. Amaury Souza Theoretical study of photovoltaic cells
tcphy045c Mr. Subhayan Roychoudhury Theoretical Investigation of Spin Crossover Compounds
tiche042c Dr. Damien Thompson Computer-aided design of redox active monolayers for nanoelectronics II - Self-assembly of SCnFcC13-n ferrocene-alkanethiolate monolayers on silver
tiche044c Dr. Michael Nolan Simulation of Biogas Oxidation to Syn Gas
tiphy021c Mr. Shane O Mahony Molecular dynamics of proteins adsorbing on self-assembled monolayers
tiphy022c Mr. Mateusz Chwastyk All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of the heteromeric polypeptide fusions of cohesin I modules.
tiphy023c Dr. Ivana Savic Reducing the thermal conductivity of PbTe based materials
ucche004c Dr. Colm O'Dwyer DFT studies of catalytic processes to improve rechargeability in lithium-air batteries
ucche005c Dr. Colm O'Dwyer DFT studies for role of additives in propylene carbonate (PC)-based electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries
uceng003c Mr. Matthew Shanley Offshore Wind Farm Service Vessel, Hull Design Optimisation
uleng013c Dr. Daniel Mulvihill Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanotube Fibres
uleng014c Mr. Yinhua Zhou fatigue behavior of metal-composite hybrid bolted joints
uleng016c Mr. Hamed Yazdani-Nezhad Numerical Analysis of Impact Response of Bolted Joint Composite Panels
uleng017c Mr. Conor Mccarthy Simulating Pull-Through Failure in Composite Aircraft Fuselage Joints using Explicit Finite Element Analysis
uleng019c Prof. Michael McCarthy Finite Element Modelling of Automated Tape Laying of Thermoplastic Composites
ulmat003c Dr. Davide Cellai Percolation on multiplex networks
ulphy003c Mr. Drahomir Chovan Low dimensional and porous NiTi based alloys
appicche005 Dr. Michael Lysaght Exploiting CP2K application for exascale computing with accelerators using OpenACC/OpenCL and porting Cellular Automata Library to Xeon Phi with OpenMP
appicphy006 Dr. Michael Lysaght Algebraic Multi-Grid solver for Lattice QCD on multi-core and Intel MIC architectures
appmephy001 Dr. Emily Gleeson Physics tuning experiments in version 3.0 of the EC-Earth global climate model
appnglif021 Dr. Charles Spillane Identification of orphans in sequenced plant species

Condominium Shares

As part of a shared services model, a number of HEIs have availed of the opportunity to own shares (or condominiums) on Stokes. The table below gives the details of these condominium shares.

Institution No. Shares No. Cores No. Users
DCU 1 96 64
DIAS 1.5 144 24
NUIG 0.5 48 24
NUIM 2 192 32
UCD 3.25 312 122
UL 0.5 48 38

Expired Projects

This page doesn't include any data for expired projects. For details of these please visit the expired research projects page.