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Active Research Projects

Active Project Breakdown

The following graph shows the number of active projects (Full National Service and National Capability Service) per scientific field and per application class (to see the list of projects which have expired, please go to this page):

Chemistry (51) 2 class A Chemistry projects 2
16 class B Chemistry projects 16
33 class C Chemistry projects 33
Class A project colour Class A (8)
Class B project colour Class B (49)
Class C project colour Class C (161)
Computer science (15) 0 class A Computer science projects 0
1 class B Computer science projects 1
14 class C Computer science projects 14
Earth sciences (14) 1 class A Earth sciences projects 1
1 class B Earth sciences projects 1
12 class C Earth sciences projects 12
Engineering (43) 1 class A Engineering projects 1
7 class B Engineering projects 7
35 class C Engineering projects 35
Life sciences (40) 0 class A Life sciences projects 0
14 class B Life sciences projects 14
26 class C Life sciences projects 26
Physics (42) 1 class A Physics projects 1
7 class B Physics projects 7
34 class C Physics projects 34
Others (12) 3 class A Other projects 3
3 class B Other projects 3
6 class C Other projects 6
Active research projects per application class & scientific field

Class A Projects

There are currently 8 active Class A projects:

Code PI Title
dsast013a Prof. Tom Ray Coupling of the solar atmosphere through small-scale transients
ndche011a Dr. Niall English Comprehensive modelling of a new family of dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSCs): the titania-chromophore/room-temperature ionic liquid half cell
ndmat018a Prof. Gary McGuire Setting a World Record for Discrete Logarithm Based Cryptography
ndmat027a Prof. Frederic Dias ADVANSEAS - Advanced simulation of ocean energy systems in extreme seas
nmear004a Dr. Rowan Fealy Next Generation, High Resolution, DEcadal and Long-Term Climate Simulations for IrelAnd (DELTA)
tcphy068a Prof. John Bulava Multi-hadron states in lattice QCD simulations
tiche052a Dr. Michael Nolan Simulation-Lead Design of Catalysts for Methanol Synthesis from Biogas
uleng030a Prof. Harry Van den Akker Direct Numerical Simulations of the (marginally) turbulent flow field in a vessel stirred by a Rushton turbine

Class B Projects

There are currently 49 active Class B projects:

Code PI Title
cslif016b Dr. Mark McCormack Identifying genome-based diagnostic biomarkers for use in clinical practice in the treatment of epilepsy.
dccom035b Dr. Rami Albatal Insight-DCU TRECVID 2014 participation
dceng002b Dr. Yann Delaure CFD modelling of fluid structure interaction in centrifugal pumps
dclif033b Dr. Mary O'Connell Placing the root of the placental mammals
dsast016b Dr. Colm Coughlan New Discoveries at Low Frequencies - Searching for Young Stellar Objects and Exoplanets with LOFAR
dtast003b Dr. Stephen O'Sullivan Radiation reaction in shear acceleration.
icear004b Dr. Paul Nolan Climate Projections for Ireland – a Multi-Model Ensemble Approach.
ndche017b Dr. Goar Sanchez Phosphinines as new polymers for solar cells
ndeng030b Dr. Philip Cardiff Numerical Modelling of Steel Wire Rolling and Drawing
ndlif030b Prof. Emma Teeling Ageless: a comparative genomics and wildlife transcriptomics project to uncovere the mechanisms of extended longevity in bats
ndlif037b Dr. Simon Furney Anaysis of next generation sequencing data from breast cancer patients
ndlif040b Dr. Simon Furney Anaysis of next generation sequencing data from cancer patient samples
ndlif046b Dr. Goar Sanchez Structure, dynamics and interaction of neural cell adhesion molecules
ndlif062b Dr. Grazia Cottone A full atomistic computational study of the active and inactive states of the human α7 nicotinic receptor
ndmat024b Dr. Lennon O'Naraigh Towards a complete theoretical and numerical description of three-dimensionality in phase separation
ndphy074b Dr. Niall English van der Waals and quantum effects on the properties of water and ice
ngche024b Dr. David Cheung Investigation of enzyme conformation at oil-water interfaces
ngeng069b Dr. Patrick McGarry Simulating Cell Contractility and Remodelling for Structural Heart and Vascular Applications
ngeng074b Dr. Rory Monaghan Numerical Characterization of Unsteady Turbulent Flow under Non-reacting and Reacting Engine Relevant Conditions.
nmlif031b Dr. Elisa Fadda Characterization of the structure and dynamics of Polycomb-like proteins 1, 2, and 3 (PCL1-3) PHD1 fingers: Implications on the binding specificity of PCL1 vs. PCL2 and PCL3
nmlif032b Dr. Elisa Fadda Role of a differential conformational selection mechanism in the molecular recognition of the p53 negative regulatory domain (nReg)
nmlif033b Dr. James McInerney Analysis of gene fission and fusion events in the fungal kingdom
nmlif036b Dr. Sarah Connell Population genomics and transcriptomics of Agaricus bisporus and its associated mycoviruses
tcche051b Prof. Graeme Watson Understanding ionic conductivity at surfaces of samaria doped ceria
tcche052b Dr. Aoife Kehoe Defect engineering in LaCrO3 to develop a p-type transparent conducting oxide
tcche053b Prof. Graeme Watson Investigating oxide ion diffusion in some bismuth oxide grain boundaries
tclif021b Prof. Martin Caffrey Molecular simulations of a bacterial enzyme: a novel target in the combat against antimicrobial resistance.
tclif024b Dr. Daniel Bradley Genomics of Cattle Domestication and Past Human Migrations Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data of Ancient DNA
tcphy063b Dr. Maria Stamenova Time-domain simulations of ultra-fast laser-induced spin dynamics in ferrimagnetic materials from first principles
tcphy065b Dr. Charles Patterson Impact of silicon surface oxidation on transistor performance
tcphy066b Dr. Carlo Motta Charge transfer energies of benzene molecule physisorbed on graphene and graphite
tcphy069b Dr. Ivan Rungger First principles conductance calculations with graphene electrodes
tglif011b Dr. Donagh Berry Regional heritability mapping of the bovine genome
tiche051b Dr. Michael Nolan CO2 Activation on Metal Oxide Modified TiO2
tiche053b Dr. John Carey Developing alternative catalysts for methane activation to syngas
tiche055b Dr. John Carey Investigating sulfur poisoning of the chromium (III) oxide (0001) surface
tiche056b Dr. Marco Fronzi Invetigating Brookite TiO2 Surfaces for Photo-ActiveReactions Catalytic
tiche059b Dr. Marco Fronzi Investigation of Two Dimensional Materials for Solar Energy Conversion
tieng012b Dr. Lida Ansari First Principles simulation of semimetal thin films and nanowires for end of technology road map transistors
tiphy032b Dr. Ivana Savic Reducing the Lattice Thermal Conductivity by Driving PbTe to a Phase Transition via Alloying
tiphy033b Dr. Stefan Schulz Atomistic Modelling of transport properties of nitride-based quantum wells
ulche007b Dr. Marko Ukrainczyk Molecular Interactions of Impurities and Solvents in Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals
ulche008b Dr. Damien Thompson All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of re-engineered type I cohesin domain proteins in the Clostridium thermocellum cellulosome.
ulche009b Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Identification and structural characterization of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade: Preliminary studies
ulche017b Dr. Pierre-André Cazade Are peptide linkers functional actors or passive spectators in biological nanomachines?
ulche019b Dr. Adam Orlowski Structure, dynamics and energetics of adsorption of carbohydrate-binding modules on crystalline cellulose
uleng022b Prof. Michael McCarthy Finite Element Modelling of Automated Tape Laying of Thermoplastic Composites
appuleng040 Prof. Michael Mccarthy Class B Addendum Application A finite element model of the ATL consolidation of thermoplastic pre-preg tape

Class C Projects

There are currently 161 active Class C projects:

Code PI Title
cieng001c Mr. nazar baker A computational analysis of the effect of airflow regime on particle concentration rates in cleanrooms
cieng002c Mr. Ken O Connell The analysis and development of wave energy converters using computational fluid dynamics.
cieng003c Mr. Brian Hand Aerodynamic analysis of large-scale floating vertical axis wind turbine using computational fluid dynamics
cieng004c Mr. Ken O Connell Analysis of non-linear wave interactions on a wave energy converter using CFD
cslif015c Ms. Caragh Stapleton The genetics of renal failure
cslif017c Dr. Guiyeom Kang Multiscale modelling of miRNA to understand Epileptogenesis
cslif018c Ms. Amy Cole Detecting natural seletion in high altitude populations
cslif019c Mr. Edmund Gilbert Fine scale genetic population structure in Ireland
cslif020c Ms. Caragh Stapleton Exome sequencing analysis to investigate prune belly syndrome
cslif021c Dr. Edelmiro Moman Virtual screening of Farnesoid X Receptor Agonists
dcche008c Prof. Conor Long Using Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory to Model Excited-State Dynamics of Inorganic and Organometallic Systems
dccom036c Mr. Christopher Hokamp Investigation Of Deep Learning for Machine Translation Using Neural Architectures and GPU Resources
dccom037c Mr. Tengqi ye Compare performance of different approaches for multiple views
dccom038c Mr. Iacer Calixto Multimodal datasets for Multimodal Machine Translation.
dccom039c Mr. Jian Zhang Domain Adaptation on Machine Translation using Deep Learning
dccom040c Mr. Jian Zhang Domain Adaptation on Machine Translation using Deep Learning II
dclif038c Mr. Raymond Moran Ancestry analysis of rhb (Rhizobactin siderophote biosynthesis) genes in siderophores
dclif040c Ms. Ann McCartney ‘An investigation of domain and exon shuffling across the Mammalia’
dkast001c Dr. Sarah Tanner Magnetic Field Regeneration in Accretion and Protoplanetary Discs
dsast015c Dr. Maria Chernyakova Reconstruction of the past history of the center of our Galaxy through X-Ray reflection spectra simulations.
dsast017c Dr. Jonathan Mackey StarBench: development of new benchmark problems for radiation-hydrodynamics
dsear016c Mr. Matteo Ravenna Surface-wave dispersion curves inversion in a Bayesian framework
dsear017c Mr. Andrea Licciardi Anisotropic inversions of Receiver Functions in a Bayesian framework.
dsear018c Ms. Duygu Kiyan Distortion effects on audio-magnetotelluric data investigated by 3-D modelling of high-resolution topography and bathymetry (Azores Archipelago, Portugal)
dsear019c Ms. Xenia Ogaya IRECCSEM: Development of novel electromagnetic acquisition technologies and monitoring tools for characterisation and monitoring of geological storage sites.
dsear020c Mr. Matteo Ravenna Bayesian Inversion of Surface-wave dispersion curves for the radial and azimuthal anisotropy of the Earth crust and upper mantle
dsear021c Mr. Robert Delhaye Quantitative Comparison of Magnetotelluric Inversion Results from Variation in Inversion Parameters and Data Perturbation
dsphy003c Dr. Veselin Filev Tests of the gauge/gravity duality with fundamental matter
dsphy004c Dr. Yuhma Asano Testing gauge/gravity duality with the flavoured BMN matrix model
dtcom001c Mr. Giancarlo Salton Neural Machine Translation for Idiomatic Expressions
dtcom002c Dr. Hector-Hugo Franco-Penya Exploration of clustering algorithms for structured and unstructured data.
dtcom003c Mr. Giancarlo Salton Exploring the Effect of Attention Based Neural Machine Translation Models on Languages with Different Word Orders
dteng008c Mr. Eoin Murphy Oxygen Transport in Helical-Flow-Inducing Stented Coronary Arteries
dtphy001c Dr. Kevin Berwick Deployment of a cubic lattice protein folding simulation on a HPC system.
iccom003c Dr. Michael Lysaght Enabling ParVec on Xeon Phi
iccom004c Dr. Michael Lysaght Enabling ParVec on Xeon Phi
icear001c Mr. Alastair McKinstry Benchmarking of EC-Earth 3.2 with PISCES
icear002c Dr. Adam Ralph Parallelization of Watershed algorithm in Wavewatch III
icear003c Dr. Simon Wong Interactive Manipulation of Weather Regimes
icear005c Dr. Paul Nolan Performance of the WRF numerical weather prediction model in simulating historical Irish storms.
iclif001c Dr. Adam Ralph Comparison of Cell tracking methods
icphy006c Dr. Adam Ralph Real-time plots from DL_POLY
iseng002c Mr. Sean Mulligan Investigation of the secondary flow field in turbulent free-surface vortices
ndche013c Dr. Run Long Metal Cluster and Molecules Modulate the Built-in Potential between Single Walled Carbon Nanotube and TiO2 Interface to Enhance Charge Separation
ndche014c Dr. Andrew Phillips Analysis of noble metal based β-diketiminate complexes with respect to the addition of dihydrogen
ndche015c Dr. Goar Sanchez Intramolecular Pnictogen Interactions in Proton Sponge Analogous
ndche016c Dr. Goar Sanchez Aromatic changes in phenalenyl derivatives by central carbon replacement
ndcom005c Mr. Mirko Torrisi Characterising Non-Globular Proteins by Deep Learning
ndcom006c Mr. Manaz Kaleel Deep Learning for protein structure and function prediction
ndear018c Mr. Soroosh Jalilvand Development of a novel foundation concept for floating offshore platforms – Phase II: study of the behavior of plate anchor during drag embedment
ndeng027c Ms. Sogol Fallah Eulerian finite element analysis of cone penetration in two-layered clay
ndeng028c Dr. Philip Cardiff Numerical Modelling of Steel Wire Rolling and Drawing
ndeng029c Dr. Malachy O'Rourke Large eddy simulations in cardiovascular flows
ndeng031c Ms. Karen Fitzgerald Overcoming Post-Operative Hip Instability: A Numerical Model Approach.
ndeng032c Ms. Laxmi Muralidharan Numerical model of Ankle Joint
ndlif048c Mr. Bikramjit Bhattacharjee A molecular-docking based study of interactions and energetically favorable conformations among two of the first immunoglobulin-like (Ig1) domains of the Aplysia californica cell adhesion molecule(apCAM).
ndlif049c Mr. Shourjya Sanyal Measuring Binding Energy of DNA-Protein Interaction
ndlif050c Ms. Sarah-Jane Lennon Analysis of RNA-seq data from Breast Cancer Cell Lines
ndlif051c Ms. Catherine Kelly Modelling and validation of homology-based structures for cell adhesion molecules
ndlif052c Dr. Paul Burns Assessing Ireland's risk to airborne spread of ash dieback disease with Lagrangian stochastic models
ndlif055c Dr. Donal MacKernan Search for the equilibrium state of the GPCR protein receptor Glp1R
ndlif057c Mr. Raul Antonio Ortiz Merino Hybrid Fungal Genome Assembly Using Long-Read, Single-Molecule DNA Sequencing
ndlif058c Mr. Shourjya Sanyal Binding Energy Differences Between “On” and “Off” States of Photo Switchable Fluorescent Proteins
ndlif059c Dr. Michael Clarke Testing workflows and methods for the assembly and annotation of bat genomes
ndlif060c Mr. zixia huang Genome annotation of greater mouse-eared bat (Myotis myotis) and transcriptome assembly
ndlif061c Dr. Donal MacKernan Dihedral Principle Component Analysis of the GPCR protein receptor Glp1R
ndmat026c Dr. Miguel Bustamante Robust Energy Transfer Mechanism via Precession Resonance in Nonlinear Systems
ndphy068c Mr. Colm Herbert Molecular Dynamics study of RNA
ndphy069c Prof. Giovanni Ciccotti Extension and optimization of PaPIM, a parallel code for approximate quantum time correlation functions
ndphy070c Mr. Bartlomiej Tywoniuk Modelling selected mutations and it's influence on formation and stability of Alzheimer's amyloid beta.
ndphy071c Dr. Vladimir Lobaskin Modelling the mechanics of endothelial glycocalyx
ndphy072c Mr. Colm Herbert Simulation of RNA Molecular Dynamics
ndphy073c Dr. Hender Lopez Fullerene nanoparticle-lipid bilayer interaction: effect of the concentration on the bilayer properties
ndphy075c Mr. Ye Yuan Molecular Dynamics on hIAPP monomer interacting with membrane
ndphy076c Mr. Colm Herbert Simulation of RNA Molecular Dynamics
ngche022c Dr. Kieran Somers Quantum Chemical Studies on the Combustion Reactions of Toluene and their Implications for the Modelling of Petrol Combustion
ngche025c Dr. Chongwen Zhou Quantum chemical studies on the important reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche026c Mr. John Bugler Theoretical Studies of the Thermochemical Properties and Combustion Reactions of Fuels for use in Gas Turbines and Transport Engines
ngche027c Dr. David Cheung Structure of PEGylated proteins from molecular dynamics simulations
ngche028c Prof. John Simmie Computational quantum chemistry for the determination of the thermodynamics and kinetics of reactions of significance in atmospheric, combustion and interstellar chemistry
ngche029c Dr. Anuradha Pallipurath Thermodynamics of the polymorphism in para-aminobenzoic acid
ngche030c Dr. Chongwen Zhou Theoretical investigations on the key reaction classes involved in combustion chemistry
ngche031c Dr. David Cheung Structure and dynamics of PEGylated proteins from molecular dynamics simulations
ngcom003c Dr. Manal Mohammed Bioinformatics Will Revolutionize the Way We Investigate Bacterial Foodborne Outbreaks at NUI Galway
ngear008c Mr. Razvan Radulescu Volcanic Ash Forecasting Investigation
ngeng059c Dr. Rory Monaghan Prediction and analysis of temperature inhomogeneity in rapid compression machines
ngeng065c Mrs. Rosa Shine Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Degradation of Poly-L-lactide for the Design of a Biodegradable Polymeric Stent.
ngeng066c Mr. Patrick Ashton Statistical Size Effects in Fretting Crack Initiation
ngeng067c Mr. Reduan Atan Extreme Wave-structure interaction
ngeng068c Dr. Patrick McGarry A thermodynamically consistent model of cell spreading
ngeng070c Ms. Orla McGee Computational and experimental characterisation of Bioprosthetic heart valve positioning to enhance long term performance
ngeng071c Mr. Reduan Atan Wave Resource Assessment
ngeng072c Mr. David Grogan Damage and seawater ingress in composite tidal turbine blades
ngeng073c Ms. Anna Bobel Computational and experimental analysis of biodegradable polymeric cardiovascular stents.
ngeng075c Prof. Peter McHugh Stent Design and In-Vivo Analysis using the Finite Element Method
ngeng076c Mr. Patrick Ashton Crystallographic Texture Effects in Fretting Crack Initiation
ngeng077c Ms. Orla McGee Computational and experimental characterisation of Bioprosthetic heart valve positioning to enhance long term performance
ngeng078c Dr. William Ronan Influence of inter-ply angle on the out-of-plane compressive response of polyethylene laminates
ngeng079c Mr. Paul Mannion Aerodynamic optimization of cycling in para sports
ngfin001c Mr. Jason Harold An Empirical Analysis of Household Energy Demand in Ireland
nglif024c Mr. Jose Aguilar-Camacho Transcriptome assemblies from Irish marine sponges for the discovery of genes related to skeleton construction
ngphy011c Mr. Cillian Joy Atmospheric transport of radionuclides using WRF and Flexpart
ngphy012c Mr. Michael Martyn Monte Carlo modelling of the dosimetric consequences of a 3D ultrasound probe in radiotherapy
nmche005c Mr. Adam Curtin Development of novel small molecules for human nNOS inhibition
nmche006c Mr. Matthew Nixon Function of complementary mutations in the formation of the complex between XPA and ERCC1 from C.lanigera
nmche007c Mr. Matthew Nixon Function of complementary mutations in the formation of the complex between XPA and ERCC1 from X.laevis
nmcom006c Mr. Eoin O'Connor Genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of Agaricus bisporus strains showing degrees of resistance/tolerance to mushroom virus X
nmlif034c Dr. Elisa Fadda Structure and conformational dynamics of the H. sapiens (H3H4)2 tetramer in solution. Effect of selected Ala point mutations on the (H3H4)2 tetramer stability.
nmlif035c Mr. Charley McCarthy Oomycete Genome Evolution: Assembly, Annotation and Comparative Analysis
nmphy010c Mr. John Brennan Simulating the fusion and braiding of non-abelian anyons in the Kitaev honeycomb model
tceng006c Dr. Tim Persoons Convective heat transfer and aeroacoustics in data centre servers
tceng007c Mr. Patrick Okolo Numerical Investigation of Mesh Screens Application for Landing Gear Noise Reduction
tceng008c Dr. Nicolas Baudin Optimisation of the fin geometry on a vertical heat sink with natural convection
tceng009c Mr. Jason Botha Broadband Noise Prediction of Open Rotors Using Semi-Empirical Methods Informed by CFD Calculations
tclif022c Dr. Karsten Hokamp Whole-genome sequencing of a rare pediatric malignancy, Clear Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney [CCSK] to reveal oncogenic driver mutations.
tclif023c Mr. Rui Martiniano Whole genome imputation of low coverage Next-Generation Sequencing data of ancient DNA.
tcphy070c Mr. Gokaran Shukla First principle calculation of Resistive Based Random Access Memory
tcphy071c Mr. Quentin Pelletier A numerical optimization of convective heat transfer using genetic algorithms
tcphy072c Mr. Okan Karaca Orhan Benchmarking advanced first-principles methods on the optical spectra of bulk gold and related materials
tcphy073c Mr. Okan Karaca Orhan Low-lying neutral excitations of coordination complexes using linear response TDDFT+U
tcphy074c Mr. Mario Galante Charge and spin transport across magnetic tunnel junctions
tcphy075c Dr. Matthew Ellis Multi-scale modelling of spin transfer torque from first principles: high performance spin dynamics
tglif009c Dr. Donagh Berry Regional heritability estimates for reproductive traits in beef cattle
tiche057c Dr. John Carey Nix clusters on MgO for methane activation
tiche058c Dr. John Carey Charge compensation for lower valence dopants in bulk α-Cr2O3: Application of hybrid-DFT functional
tiche060c Dr. Michael Nolan CuOx nanocluster-modified TiO2 for CO2 Activation: Impact of Cu oxidation state
tiche061c Dr. Michael Nolan Can Bi-containing materials activate CO2?
tiphy027c Mr. Silviu Bogusevschi AlGaInP-based Quantum Dot LEDs as efficient red light sources
tiphy028c Dr. Ramzi Benchamekh Tight-binding calculation of physical properties of semiconductor heterostructures
tiphy029c Dr. Stefan Schulz Impact of random alloy fluctuations on electronic and optical properties of nitride-based quantum wells
tiphy031c Dr. Stefan Schulz Impact of random alloy fluctuations on electronic and optical properties of nitride-based quantum wells
tiphy034c Mr. Yasheng Maimaiti Effect of EM Doping On the Electronic and Transport Properties of Copper Nanowire
tiphy035c Mr. Daniel Tanner Atomistic analysis of InGaN/GaN quantum wells
ucast006c Mr. Danny Riordan Modelling of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Acceleration by a Fermi Mechanism
ucche008c Ms. Ekaterina Filatova Testing of climbing image NEB approach for energy barrier calculations
uceng004c Ms. Ariel Edesess Determining the wake mechanics of a surface-piercing monopile in small-amplitude ocean wave field in relation to maintenance of offshore wind turbines
ulche010c Dr. Adam Orlowski Free energy calculations of CBM-cellulose binding
ulche011c Dr. Manik Ghosh Computational Study of Chemical Conversions of Biomass to Biofuels by Acid Hydrolysis.
ulche012c Ms. Melissabye Gunnoo Mechanical hypothesis of the cellulosome domain - type I cohesin domain c7A
ulche013c Dr. Damien Thompson Pentacene electronic coupling with gold and graphene
ulche014c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Revealing the Expanded Structural Geometries of Neurotoxic Proteins
ulche015c Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Enhanced sampling studies with Gromacs of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade: Preliminary preparations
ulche016c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Enhanced Sampling and Free Energy Calculations of Neurotoxic proteins
ulche018c Dr. Adam Orlowski Amorphogenesis of cellulose crystals by Carbohydrate Binding Module protein
ulche020c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Mechanostability Analyses of Neurodegenerative disease proteins - A-beta, alpha-synuclein, prion and tau
ulche021c Dr. Manik Ghosh Computational Study of Chemical Conversions of Glucose to Hydroxymethylfurfural and Furfuryl alcohol by Acid Hydrolysis.
ulche022c Dr. Damien Thompson Identifying solvent treatments to offset polymer contamination of CVD grown graphene
ulche023c Mr. Shayon Bhattacharya Molecular Dynamics simulation of Amyloid-Beta 42 monomer in Hexafluoroisopropanol and water
uleng031c Dr. John Tynan Air-side computational fluid dynamics of a modular air cooled condenser
uleng032c Dr. Philip Griffin Computational Aeroacoustics Modelling of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine
uleng033c Ms. Sinead Morley Numerical Modelling of Breast Cancer Cell Flow behaviour in the Microlymphatic Vessels
uleng034c Ms. Sinead Morley Numerical Modelling of Breast Cancer Cells in the Microlymphatics
uleng035c Ms. Anne Deignan A Finite Element Model of the ATL Consolidation of thermoplastic Pre-Preg tape
ulmat005c Prof. James Gleeson Near-critical avalanche dynamics on networks
ulphy017c Ms. Aimee Stapleton The origin of piezoelectricity in protein molecular crystals
ulphy018c Dr. Jose Luis Dominguez Meijide Identification and structural characterization of the primordial cytotoxic conformers of the amyloidogenic cascade: Preliminary studies
ulphy019c Ms. Sarah Guerin Molecular Modelling of Piezoelectricity in Biomolecules
ulphy020c Mr. Shane O Mahony Preliminary examination of how tyrosine-based peptides interact with cyclodextrin-functionalized self-assembled-monolayers
ulphy021c Mr. Shane O Mahony Investigating the Free Energy landscape of Hydrophobin proteins adsorbing to Self-Assembled Monolayers using Replica Exchange with Solute Tempering.
ulphy022c Ms. Melissabye Gunnoo Investigating interfacial forces between cohesin dyad from scaffoldin adaptor from Acetivibrio cellulolyticus
ulphy023c Mr. Shane O Mahony Investigating the interaction of a hydrophobin mutant with an alcohol terminated SAM using Molecular Dynamics.

Condominium Shares

As part of a shared services model, a number of HEIs have availed of the opportunity to own shares (or condominiums) on Stokes. The table below gives the details of these condominium shares.

Institution No. Shares No. Cores No. Users
DCU 1 96 50
DIAS 1.5 144 24
NUIG 0.5 48 10
NUIM 2 192 22
UCD 3.25 312 76
UL 0.5 48 29

Expired Projects

This page doesn't include any data for expired projects. For details of these please visit the expired research projects page.