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Irish BioPortal Project

Ireland has a strong reputation for bioinformatics software development. Modern bioinformatics delivery to the academic community is typically via heavily used computational web-servers that carry out back-end computations and return output files (often stored for a limited period) to the users. Providing an efficient computational web service enhances the reputation of Irish bioinformatics research, and also provides tools to Irish researchers.

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As a partner in the e-INIS initiative, ICHEC aims to develop an e-infrastructure (including web services) for the Irish bioinformatics community. The goal of the Irish BioPortal Project is to establish a central web portal where researchers are able to interface with bioinformatics applications, submit jobs to back-end compute systems (not limited to ICHEC systems) and obtain their results - all in an efficient, timely and user-friendly fashion.

Currently we are collaborating with research groups such as the Bioinformatics@NUIM group and Denis Shields lab at UCD CASL. These groups form our early beta-testers with some individuals providing support in building the portal. Ultimately the Irish BioPortal will be open to researchers all across the country, so do get in touch with us if you want to get involved in its development phase.

For further information, please contact Simon Wong who is managing this project.