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Publications resulting from research assisted by ICHEC are displayed here. We strongly encourage all ICHEC researchers with submitted, accepted or published research in science journals or conference proceedings to submit a copy of their research to us at info@ichec.ie.

In some instances, the level of ICHEC involvement in user research projects has resulted in members of ICHEC staff included as co-authors of publications (see Co-authored Publications).

Since ICHEC started offering its services to the Irish academic community on September 1st, 2005, it has been credited in at least 814 publications:


Title Authors Publication
The population genomics of archaeological transition in west Iberia: Investigation of ancient substructure using imputation and haplotype-based methods Martiniano R, Cassidy LM, Ó'Maoldúin R, McLaughlin R, Silva NM, Manco L, et al. PloS Genetics
Experimental and computational examination of anastellin (FnIII1c)–polymer interactions David Mallinson, David L. Cheung, Dorin Simionesie, Alexander B. Mullen, Zhenyu J. Zhang, Dimitrios A. Lamprou Biomed. Mater. Res. A
Modulation of in:out and out:out conformations in [X.X'.X"] Phosphatranes by Lewis Acids Goar Sánchez-Sanz, Cristina Trujillo, Ibon Alkorta and Jose Elguero Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
Conformational studies of Gram-negative bacterial quorum sensing 3-oxo N-acyl homoserine lactone molecules Darren Crowe, Alan Nicholson, Adrienne Fleming, Ed Carey, Goar Sánchez-Sanz, Fintan Kelleher Bioorg. Med. Chem.
Impacts of climate change on mid-twenty-first-century rainfall in Ireland: a high-resolution regional climate model ensemble approach Paul Nolan, John O'Sullivan, Ray McGrath Int. J. Climatol.
Genomic insights into the population structure and history of the Irish Travellers Edmund Gilbert, Shai Carmi, Sean Ennis, James F. Wilson & Gianpiero L. Cavalleri Sci. Rep.
Influence of plasma background including neutrals on scrape-off layer filaments using 3D simulations D.Schwörer, N.R.Walkden, H.Leggate, B.D.Dudson, F.Militello, T.Downes, M.M.Turner Nuclear Materials and Energy
A possible desensitized state conformation of the human alpha7 nicotinic receptor: a molecular dynamics study L.Chiodo, T.E. Malliavin, L. Maragliano, G. Cottone Biophys. Chem.
Adsorption of the natural protein surfactant Rsn-2 onto liquid interfaces Giovanni B. Brandani, Steven J. Vance, Marieke Schor, Alan Cooper, Malcolm W. Kennedy, Brian O. Smith, Cait E. MacPheea and David L. Cheung Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
Lead Optimization of Benzoxepin-Type Selective Estrogen Receptor (ER) Modulators and Downregulators with Subtype-Specific ERα and ERβ Activity Niamh M. O’Boyle, Irene Barrett, Lisa M. Greene, Miriam Carr, Darren Fayne, Brendan Twamley, Andrew J. S. Knox, Niall O. Keely, Daniela M. Zisterer, and Mary J. Meegan J. Med. Chem.
A Rational Design of a Selective Inhibitor for Kv1.1 Channels Prevalent in Demyelinated Nerves That Improves Their Impaired Axonal Conduction Ahmed Al-Sabi, Declan Daly, Patrick Hoefer, Gemma K. Kinsella, Charles Metais, Mark Pickering, Caroline Herron, Seshu Kumar Kaza, Kieran Nolan, and J. Oliver Dolly J. Med. Chem.
The importance of polarizability in the modeling of ionic diffusion in ceria A. K. Lucid, G. W. Watson IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering
A folded [2 × 2] metallo-supramolecular grid from a bis-tridentate (1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)-picolinamide (tzpa) ligand Dawn E. Barry, Chris S. Hawes, Joseph P. Byrne, Bjørn la Cour Poulsen, Manuel Ruether, John E. O’Brien and Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson Dalton Trans.
A coupled lattice boltzmann - immersed boundary method to model the behaviour of thin flexible structures in fluids Specklin M., Albadawi A., Connolly R., Breen B. and Delaure Y. HEFAT 2017 conference
Advantages of formulating an evolution equation directly for elastic distortional deformation in finite deformation plasticity M. B. Rubin, P. Cardiff Comput. Mech.
A Lagrangian cell-centred finite volume method for metal forming simulation P. Cardiff, Ž. Tukovic, P. De Jaeger, M. Clancy and A. Ivankovic Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng
Evolutionary restoration of fertility in an interspecies hybrid yeast, by whole-genome duplication after a failed mating-type switch Ortiz-Merino RA, Kuanyshev N, Braun-Galleani S, Byrne KP, Porro D, Branduardi P and Wolfe KH PLoS Biol.
Familial Mutations May Switch Conformational Preferences in α-Synuclein Fibrils Liang Xu, Buyong Ma, Ruth Nussinov, and Damien Thompson ACS Chem. Neurosci.
Motion of Fullerenes around Topological Defects on Metals: Implications for the Progress of Molecular Scale Devices Peter Nirmalraj, Ronan Daly, Nazario Martin, and Damien Thompson ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
Supramolecular Structure of the Monolayer Triggers Odd–Even Effects in the Tunneling Rates across Noncovalent Junctions on Graphene Peng Song, Damien Thompson, Harshini V. Annadata, Sarah Guerin, Kian Ping Loh, and Christian A. Nijhuis J. Phys. Chem. C
Chromospheric Inversions of a Micro-flaring Region A. Reid, V. Henriques, M. Mathioudakis, J. G. Doyle, and T. Ray Astrophys. J.
Chemical Kinetics of Hydrogen Atom Abstraction from Allylic Sites by 3O2; Implications for Combustion Modeling and Simulation Chong-Wen Zhou, John M. Simmie, Kieran P. Somers, C. Franklin Goldsmith, and Henry J. Curran J. Phys. Chem. A
Land-atmosphere coupling in EURO-CORDEX evaluation experiments Sebastian Knist, Klaus Goergen, Erasmo Buonomo, Ole Bøssing Christensen, Augustin Colette, Rita M. Cardoso, Rowan Fealy, Jesús Fernández, Markel García-Díez, Daniela Jacob, Stergios Kartsios, Eleni Katragkou, Klaus Keuler, Stephanie Mayer, Erik van Meijga J. Geophys. Res. Atmos.
Future changes in European severe convection environments in a regional climate model ensemble Tomáš Púčik, Pieter Groenemeijer, Anja T. Rädler, Lars Tijssen, Grigory Nikulin, Andreas F. Prein, Erik van Meijgaard, Rowan Fealy, Daniela Jacob, and Claas Teichmann J. Climate
A Thermodynamically Motivated Framework for Predicting Cell Spread on Patterned Substrates Eóin McEvoy, Siamak S Shishvan, Patrick McGarry, Vikram S Deshpande Bioengineering in Ireland 2017
A Thermodynamic Statistical Mechanics Model to Investigate the Influence of Ligand Density and Substrate Stiffness on Cell Spreading Eóin McEvoy, Siamak S Shishvan, Patrick McGarry, Vikram S Deshpande Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference
Free Energy Analysis of Cell Spreading Eóin McEvoy, Vikram Deshpande, and Patrick McGarry J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater.
NAO and Extreme Ocean States in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean Gleeson, Emily, Sarah Gallagher, Colm Clancy, and Frédéric Dias Adv. Sci. Res.
The Future Northeast Atlantic Wave Energy Potential under Climate Change Jelena Janjic, Sarah Gallagher, and Frederic Dias Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh (2017) International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference
Blazar Variability from Turbulence in Jets Launched by Magnetically Arrested Accretion Flows Michael O' Riordan, Asaf Pe'er, and Jonathan C. McKinney Astrophys. J.
The role of anharmonic phonons in under-barrier spin relaxation of single-molecule magnets. A Lunghi, F Totti, R Sessoli and S Sanvito Nat. Commun.
Group V adsorbate structures on vicinal Ge(001) surfaces determined from the optical spectrum S. Banerjee, C. H. Patterson, and J. F. McGilpb Appl. Phys. Lett.
Dielectric Anisotropy of the GaP / Si ( 001 ) Interface from First-Principles Theory P. Kumar and C. H. Patterson Phys. Rev. Lett.
Parafermionic clock models and quantum resonance N. Moran, D. Pellegrino, J. K. Slingerland, and G. Kells Phy. Rev. B
Computational studies of membrane proteins: from sequence to structure to simulation Phillip J Stansfeld Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol.
Structural insights into the mechanism of the membrane integral N-acyltransferase step in bacterial lipoprotein synthesis Maciej Wiktor, Dietmar Weichert, Nicole Howe, Chia-Ying Huang, Vincent Olieric, Coilín Boland, Jonathan Bailey, Lutz Vogeley, Phillip J. Stansfeld, Nienke Buddelmeijer, Meitian Wang & Martin Caffrey Nat. Comm.
Numerical Simulation of Stent Angioplasty with Predilation: An Investigation into Lesion Constitutive Representation and Calcification Influence C. Conway, J. P. McGarry, E. R. Edelman, P. E. McHugh Ann. Biomed. Eng.
Thiophene/thiazole-benzene replacement on guanidine derivatives targeting α2-Adrenoceptors Aoife Flood, Cristina Trujillo, Goar Sanchez-Sanz, Brendan Kelly, Carolina Muguruza, Luis F. Callado, Isabel Rozas Eur. j. Med. Chem.
Reinventing solid state electronics: Harnessing quantum confinement in bismuth thin films Farzan Gity, Lida Ansari, Martin Lanius, Peter Schüffelgen, Gregor Mussler, Detlev Grützmacher, and J. C. Greer Appl. Phys. Lett.
Evolutionary restoration of fertility in an interspecies hybrid yeast, by whole-genome duplication after a failed mating-type switch Raúl A. Ortiz-Merino, Nurzhan Kuanyshev, Stephanie Braun-Galleani, Kevin P. Byrne, Danilo Porro, Paola Branduardi, Kenneth H. Wolfe PLoS Bio.
Hydrogen-bond dynamics at the bio–water interface in hydrated proteins: a molecular-dynamics study Prithwish K. Nandi, Niall J. English, Zdenek Futera and Antonio Benedetto Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
Numerical simulation of a vertical axis wind turbine airfoil experiencing dynamic stall at high Reynolds numbers Brian Hand , Ger Kelly, Andrew Cashman Comput. Fluids
A LOFAR detection of the low-mass young star T TAU at 149 MHz Colm P. Coughlan, Rachael E. Ainsworth, Jochen Eislöffel, Matthias Hoeft, Alexander Drabent, Anna M. M. Scaife, Tom P. Ray, Martin E. Bell, Jess W. Broderick, Stéphane Corbel, Jean-Mathias Grießmeier, Alexander J. van der Horst, Joeri van Leeuwen, Sera Markoff, Malgorzata Pietka, Adam J. Stewart, Ralph A. M. J. Wijers, and Philippe Zarka Astrophys. J.
Catalytic asymmetric Tamura cycloadditions involving nitroalkenes Francesco Manoni, Umar Farid, Cristina Trujillo and Stephen J. Connon Org. Biomol. Chem.
Lone-Pair Hole on P: P···N Pnicogen Bonds Assisted by Halogen Bonds Janet E. Del Bene, I. Akorta, J. Elguero, G. Sanchez-Sanz J. Phys. Chem. A
An insight on the aromatic changes in closed shell icosagen, tetrel and pnictogen phenalenyl derivatives C. Trujillo, G. Sanchez-Sanz, I. Akorta, J. Elguero Struct. Chem.
Theoretical Study of Intramolecular Interactions in Peri-Substituted Naphthalenes: Chalcogen and Hydrogen Bonds Goar Sanchez–Sanz, Ibon Alkorta and José Elguero Molecules
First-principles spin-transfer torque in CuMnAs|GaP|CuMnAs junctions Stamenova, M., Mohebbi, R., Seyedyazdi, J., Rungger, I., & Sanvito, S. Phys. Rev. B; Rapid Communications
Ultrafast demagnetizing fields from first principles. Simoni, J., Stamenova, M., Sanvito, S. Phys. Rev. B
Electronic and structural properties of rhombohedral [111] and [110] oriented ultra-thin bismuth nanowires Lida Ansari, Farzan Gity and James C Greer J. Phys.: Condens. Matter
R-matrix-incorporating-time theory of one-electron atomic and molecular systems in intense laser fields Cathal Ó Broin and L. A. A. Nikolopoulos J. Phys. B
Identification of coding and non-coding mutational hotspots in cancer genomes Scott W. Piraino, Simon J. Furney BMC Genomics
In Vitro and In Vivo Investigations into the Carbene Gold Chloride and Thioglucoside Anticancer Drug Candidates NHC-AuCl and NHC-AuSR W. Walther, O. Dada, C. O’Beirne, I. Ott, G. Sanchez-Sanz, C. Schmidt, C.Werner, X.Zhu and M.Tacke Lett. Drug Des. Discov.


Title Authors Publication
A computer test of holographic flavour dynamics Veselin G. Filev, Denjoe O’Connor ‎J. High Energy Phys.
Effects of Network Structure, Competition and Memory Time on Social Spreading Phenomena James P. Gleeson, Kevin P. O’Sullivan, Raquel A. Baños, and Yamir Moreno Phys. Rev. X
Investigation into the Solid and Solution Properties of Known and Novel Polymorphs of the Antimicrobial Molecule Clofazimine Pauric Bannigan, Jacek Zeglinski, Matteo Lusi, John O’Brien, and Sarah P. Hudson Cryst. Growth Des.
Tailoring Cocrystal and Salt Formation and Controlling the Crystal Habit of Diflunisal Anuradha R. Pallipurath, Francesco Civati, Magdalene Eziashi, Elaf Omar, Patrick McArdle, and Andrea Erxleben Cryst. Growth Des.
Structure and Reducibility of CeO2 Doped with Trivalent Cations Aoife K. Lucid, Patrick R. L. Keating, Jeremy P. Allen, and Graeme W. Watson J. Phys. Chem. C
Magnetic flux cancellation in Ellerman bombs A. Reid1,2, M. Mathioudakis, J. G. Doyle, E. Scullion, C. J. Nelson, V. Henriques, and T. Ray Astrophys. J.
Abu-MaTran at WMT 2016 Translation Task: Deep Learning, Morphological Segmentation and Tuning on Character Sequences Vıctor M. Sanchez-Cartagena, Antonio Toral Proceedings of the First Conference on Machine Translation
Atypical late-time singular regimes accurately diagnosed in stagnation-point-type solutions of 3D Euler ows Rachel M. Mulungye, Dan Lucas and Miguel D. Bustamante J. Fluid Mech.
Phase and precession evolution in the Burgers equation Michele BuzzicottiBrendan P. MurrayLuca BiferaleMiguel D. Bustamante Eur. Phys. J. E
Modelling of the Ventricular Myocardium: An Approach for Anisotropy, Compressibility, and Contractility Eóin McEvoy and Patrick McGarry Bioengineering in Ireland 2016
Remodelling of Cardiac Cells and Tissue: A Multi-Scale Framework Eóin McEvoy and Patrick McGarry 19th Sir Bernard Crossland Symposium
Analysis of Cell Spreading on Micropatterned Substrates Using a Thermodynamically Consistent Non-Local Active Model Eóin McEvoy, Tommaso Ristori, Sandra Loerakker, Vikram S. Deshpande, Patrick McGarry Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference (SB3C)
Learning Multiple Views with Orthogonal Denoising Autoencoders TengQi Ye, Tianchun Wang, Kevin McGuinness, Yu Guo, and Cathal Gurrin MultiMedia Modeling
Twenty-first century wave climate projections for Ireland and surface winds in the North Atlantic Ocean Gallagher, S., E. Gleeson, R. Tiron, R. McGrath, and F. Dias Adv. Sci. Res.
Wave climate projections for Ireland for the end of the 21st century including analysis of EC-Earth winds over the North Atlantic Ocean Gallagher, S., E. Gleeson, R. Tiron, R. McGrath, and F. Dias Int. J. Climatol.
The Nearshore Wind and Wave Energy Potential of Ireland: A High Resolution Assessment of Availability and Accessibility Gallagher, S., R. Tiron, E. Whelan, E. Gleeson, F. Dias, and R. McGrath Renew. Energy
Theoretical Optimization of Pore Size and Chemistry in SIFSIX-3-M Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials Ahmad Ziaee, Drahomir Chovan, Matteo Lusi, John J. Perry, Michael J. Zaworotko, and Syed A. M. Tofail Cryst. Growth Des.
Reflectance anisotropy spectroscopy of the Si(111)-(5 × 2)Au surface C. H. Patterson, S. Banerjee, and J. F. McGilp Phys. Rev. B
Structure, binding energy and chiral discrimination in oxathiirane homodimers G. Sanchez-Sanz, C. Trujillo, I. Alkorta Comput. Theor. Chem.
Phosphorylation of RAF Kinase Dimers Drives ConformationalChanges that Facilitate Transactivation Pablo G. Jambrina, Nora Rauch,Ruth Pilkington, Katja Rybakova, Lan K. Nguyen, Boris N. Kholodenko, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete, Walter Kolch, Edina Rosta Angew. Chem. Int.Ed.
Coarse Master Equations for Binding Kinetics of Amyloid Peptide Dimers Cathal T. Leahy, Ronan D. Murphy, Gerhard Hummer, Edina Rosta, and Nicolae-Viorel Buchete J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Improving Model Simulations of Volcanic Emission Clouds and Assessing Model Uncertainties Kristiansen, N. I., D. Arnold, C. Maurer, J. Vira, R. Radulescu, D. Martin, A. Stohl, K. Stebel, M. Sofiev, C. O'Dowd, G. Wotawa Natural Hazard Uncertainty Assessment: Modeling and Decision Support
Structural basis of lipoprotein signal peptidase II action and inhibition by the antibiotic globomycin Vogeley L, El Arnaout T, Bailey J, Stansfeld PJ, Boland C, Caffrey M. Science
Role of spin-orbit interaction in the ultrafast demagnetization of small iron clusters. Stamenova, M., Simoni, J., & Sanvito, S. Phys. Rev. B
Enriching Phrase Tables for Statistical Machine Translation Using Mixed Embeddings Peyman Passban, Qun Liu and Andy Way Proceedings of COLING 2016, the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers
Validation of a Database of Formation Enthalpies and of Mid-level Model Chemistries Simmie, J. M.; Sheahan, J.N. J. Phys. Chem. A
Modelling Nitrogen Species as Pollutants: Thermochemical Influences Bugler, J.;Somers, K. P.; Simmie, J. M.; Guethe, F.; Curran, H.J. J. Phys. Chem. A
Towards the Development of a Funda­mentally-based Chemical Model for Cyclopentanone: High Pressure Limit Rate Constants for H-atom Abstraction and Fuel Radical Decomposition Zhou, C-W.; Simmie, J. M.; Pitz, W. J.; Curran, H. J. J. Phys. Chem. A
An Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of γ-Valerolactone Pyrolysis De Bruycker, R.; Carstensen, H.-H.; Reyniers, M.-F.; Marin, G. B.; Simmie, J. M.; Van Geem, K. M. Combust. Flame
A sub kBT/q semimetal nanowire field effect transistor L. Ansari, G. Fagas, F. Gity, and J. C. Greer Appl. Phys. Lett.
Atomic-scale simulation of semimetal-to-semiconductor transition in bismuth nanowires for future generation of nanoelectronic devices Lida Ansari, Farzan Gity, and James C. Greer Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
Energy projection and modified Laughlin states Fremling M., Fulsebakke J., Moran N., Slingerland J. K. Phys. Rev. B
Success and failure of the plasma analogy for Laughlin states on a torus Mikael Fremling J. Phys. A
A theoretical model of the interaction between phosphates in the ATP molecule and guanidinium systems Cristina Trujillo, Viola Previtali, Isabel Rozas Theor. Chem. Acc.
Energy projection and modified Laughlin states Fremling M., Fulsebakke J., Moran N., Slingerland J. K. Phys. Rev. B
Success and failure of the plasma analogy for Laughlin states on a torus Mikael Fremling J. Phys. A: Math. Theor.
Conformations of Myoglobin-Derived Peptides at the Air−Water Interface David L. Cheung Langmuir
PP-Rotation, P-inversion and metathesis in diphosphines studied by DFT calculations: comments on some literature conflicts A. D. Molloy, G. Sanchez-Sanz, D. G. Gilheany Inorganics
Coarse Master Equation-Based Analysis of N-Methylation and Temperature Effects on the Dynamics of Cyclic Peptides A. Crowe, G. Sánchez-Sanz, B. Tywoniuk, Denis. C. Shields, N.-V. Buchete Biophys. J
Weak interactions within nitryl halide heterodimers D. Quiñonero, A. Bauzá, G. Sanchez-Sanz, C. Trujillo, I. Alkorta, J. Elguero New J. Chem.
A Lagrangian cell-centred finite volume method for metal forming simulation P. Cardiff, Ž. Tuković, P. De Jaeger, M. Clancy, A. Ivanković Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng.
A block-coupled Finite Volume methodology for linear elasticity and unstructured meshes P. Cardiff, Ž. Tuković, H. Jasak, A. Ivanković Comput. Struct.
Tilted transverse isotropic reverse time migration with angle gathers: Implementation and efficiency Sean J. Delaney, Gareth S. O'Brien, Ruairi Short, Gilles Civario GEOPHYSICS
SARAH Domain-Mediated MST2-RASSF Dimeric Interactions G. Sanchez-Sanz, B. Tywoniuk, D. Matallanas, D. Romano, L Nguyen, B. Kholodenko, E. Rosta, W. Kolch, N.-V. Buchete PLoS Comput. Bio.
Reactivity of metal oxide nanocluster modified rutile and anatase TiO 2: Oxygen vacancy formation and CO 2 interaction Fronzi, Marco; Daly, William; Nolan, Michael Appl. Catal., A.
Cation doping size effect for methane activation on alkaline earth metal doping of the CeO 2 (111) surface Carey, JJ; Nolan, M Catal. Sci. Technol.
Local Interfacial Structure Influences Charge Localization in Titania Composites: Beyond the Band Alignment Paradigm Nolan, Michael; Deskins, N Aaron; Schwartzenberg, Kevin C; Gray, Kimberly A; J. Phys. Chem. C
Metal oxide nanocluster-modified TiO2 as solar activated photocatalyst materials Fronzi, Marco; Iwaszuk, Anna; Lucid, Aoife; Nolan, Michael J. Phys. Condens. Matter
Design of Novel Visible Light Active Photocatalyst Materials: Surface Modified TiO2. Nolan, Michael; Iwaszuk, Anna; Lucid, Aoife K; Carey, John J; Fronzi, Marco; Adv. Mater.
Competition between intramolecular hydrogen and pnictogen bonds in protonated systems Goar Sanchez-Sanz, Cristina Trujillo, Ibon Alkorta, Jose Elguero Theor. Chem. Acc.
Aromatic changes in isoelectronic derivatives of phenalenyl radicals by central carbon replacement G. Sanchez-Sanz, C. Trujillo, I. Alkorta, J. Elguero Tetrahedron
Enhanced Oxidation Activity from Modified Ceria: MnOx-ceria, CrOx-ceria and Mg doped VOx-ceria Nolan, Michael; Ganduglia-Pirovano, M. Veronica; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Binary functionalization of H: Si (111) surfaces by alkyl monolayers with different linker atoms enhances monolayer stability and packing Arefi, Hadi H; Nolan, Michael; Fagas, Giorgos; Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.
Multifunctional photo/thermal catalysts for the reduction of carbon dioxide Schwartzenberg, KC; Hamilton, JWJ; Lucid, AK; Weitz, E; Notestein, J; Nolan, M; Byrne, JA; Gray, KA; Catalysis Today
Low Valence Cation Doping of Bulk Cr2O3: Charge Compensation and Oxygen Vacancy Formation Carey, John J.; Legesse, Merid; Nolan, Michael; J. Phys. Chem. C
First-principles molecular dynamics simulations of proton diffusion in cubic BaZrO3 perovskite under strain conditions Fronzi, Marco; Tateyama, Yoshitaka; Marzari, Nicola; Nolan, Michael; Traversa, Enrico; Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy
High resolution VLBI polarisation imaging of AGN with the Maximum Entropy Method Colm P. Coughlan; Denise C. Gabuzda Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc.
Theoretical analysis of influence of random alloy fluctuations on the optoelectronic properties of site-controlled (111)-oriented InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots R. Benchamekh, S. Schulz, and E. P. O’Reilly Phys. Rev. B
Unsteady natural convection heat transfer from a pair of vertically aligned horizontal cylinders Pelletier P, Murray DB & Persoons T Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer
Modulating intramolecular pnictogen bonds: P···N in naphthalene Goar Sanchez-Sanz, Cristina Trujillo, Ibon Alkorta, Jose Elguero Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys
Dissociative adsorption of methane on the Cu and Zn doped (111) surface of CeO2 John J. Carey, Michael Nolan j.appcatb
Small field detector correction factors kfclin,fmsrQclin,Qmsr k Q clin Q msr f clin f msr for silicon-diode and diamond detectors with circular 6 MV fields derived using both empirical and numerical methods D. J. O’Brien1, L. León-Vintró and B. McClean Med. Phys
Pion-pion scattering and the timelike pion form factor from Nf = 2 + 1 lattice QCD simulations using the stochastic LapH method John Bulava, Ben Herz, Brendan Fahy, K. J. Juge, Colin Morningstar, Chik Him Wong PoS
Towards string breaking with 2+1 dynamical fermions using the stochastic LapH method Vanessa Koch, John Bulava, Ben Hörz, Francesco Knechtli, Graham Moir, Colin Morningstar, Mike Peardon PoS
Micromechanical finite element modelling of thermo-mechanical fatigue for P91 steels Dong-Feng Lia, Richard A. Barrett, Padraic E. O’Donoghue, Chris J. Hyde, Noel P. O’Dowd, Sean B. Leen IJF
Cyclic plasticity of welded P91 material for simple and complex power plant connections Ming Lia, Richard A. Barrett, Stephen Scully, Noel M. Harrison, Sean B. Leena, Padraic E. O’Donoghue IJF
A Study of π–π Stacking Interactions and Aromaticity in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon/Nucleobase Complexes Cristina Trujillo, Goar Sanchez-Sanz ChemPhysChem


Title Authors Publication
A Semi-Automated Tool Flow for Roofline Anaylsis of OpenCL Kernels on Accelerators Servesh Muralidharan, Kenneth O’Brien, Christian Lalanne H2RC'17
Network cloning unfolds the effect of clustering on dynamical processes Ali Faqeeh, Sergey Melnik and James P. Gleeson Phys. Rev. E
Symmetry-plane model of 3D Euler ows and mapping to regular systems to improve blowup assessment using numerical and analytical solutions Rachel M. Mulungye, Dan Lucas and Miguel D. Bustamante J. Fluid Mech.
Anisotropy, Compressibility, and Contractility of the Myocardial Tissue Eóin McEvoy, Vikram S. Deshpande, Patrick McGarry Irish Mechanics Society (IMS) and the Irish Society for Scientific Engineering & Computation (ISSEC)
Atomic and electronic structures of Si(1 1 1) -Au and (6 × 6)-Au surfaces C. H. Patterson J. Phys. Condens. Matt.
Gas and heat dynamics of a micro-scaled atmospheric pressure plasma reference jet Seán Kelly, Judith Golda, Miles M Turner and Volker Schulz-von der Gathen J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.
Modulation of Alzheimer’s Aβ Protofilament-Membrane Interactions by Lipid Headgroups Florentina Tofoleanu, Bernard R. Brooks, and Nicolae-Viorel Buchete ACS Chem. Neurosci., 2015, 6 (3), pp 446–455
Exposure of chick embryos to cadmium changes the extra-embryonic vascular branching pattern and alters expression of VEGF-A and VEGF-R2 Anna Kaskova Gheorghescu, Bartlomiej Tywoniuk, Johannes Duess, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete, Jennifer Thompson Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
Membrane Protein Structure, Function, and Dynamics: a Perspective from Experiments and Theory Zoe Cournia, Toby W. Allen, Ioan Andricioaei, Bruno Antonny, Daniel BaumGrace Brannigan, Nicolae-Viorel Buchete et al. J Membrane Biol
A Database of Formation Enthalpies of Nitrogen Species by Compound Methods (CBS-QB3, CBS-APNO, G3 and G4) Simmie, J. M. J. Phys. Chem. A
Pyrolysis Pathways of the Furanic Ether 2-Methoxyfuran Urness, K. N., Guan, Q., Troy, T.P., Ahmed, M., Daily, J. W., Ellison, G. B., Simmie, J. M. J. Phys. Chem. A
Benchmarking Compound Methods (CBS-QB3, CBS-APNO, G3, G4, W1bd) against the Active Thermochemical Tables: Formation Enthalpies of Radicals Somers, K. P., Simmie, J. M. J. Phys. Chem. A
Thermal Decomposition of 2(3H) and 2(5H) Furanones: Theoretical Aspects Würmel, J, Simmie, J. M., Losty, M. M., McKenna, C. D. J. Phys. Chem. A
Benchmarking Compound Methods (CBS-QB3, CBS-APNO, G3, G4, W1BD) against the Active Thermochemical Tables: A Litmus Test for Cost-Effective Molecular Formation Enthalpies Simmie, J.M.; Somers, K.P. J. Phys. Chem. A
Assessment of Density Functionals for the Estimation of Enthalpies of Formation, Barrier Heights and Ionisation Potentials of Selected C1–C5 Oxygenates El-Nahas, A.; Simmie, J.M.; Mangood, A.H.; Hirao, K.; Song, J-W.; Watson, M.A.; Taketsugu, T.; Koga, N. Mol. Phys.
Critical Evaluation of Thermochemical Properties of C1–C4 Species: Updated Group-Contributions to Estimate Thermochemical Properties S. M. Burke, J. M. Simmie, and H. J. Curran J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data
Experimental and Computational Study of the Initial Decomposition of Gamma-Valerolactone De Bruycker, R.; Carstensen, H.-H.; Simmie, J. M.; Van Geem, K. M.; Marin, G. Proc. Combust. Inst.
Strained Semimetallic and Semiconducting SnNW Lida Ansari, Giorgos Fagas, and James C. Greer Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
Gas phase infrared spectra from quasi-classical Kubo time correlation functions J. Beutier, R. Vuilleumier, S. Bonella, G. Ciccotti Mol. Phys.
A Structural Model of the Human α7 Nicotinic Receptor in an Open Conformation Letizia Chiodo, Thérèse E. Malliavin, Luca Maragliano, Grazia Cottone , Giovanni Ciccotti PLoS ONE
Aromatic Amino Acids-Guanidinium Complexes through Cation-π Interactions Cristina Trujillo, Ana A. Rodriguez-Sanz, Isabel Rozas Molecules
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