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Title:Shoreline approximation for unstructured mesh generation
Authors:G.J. Gorman, D. Piggott, and C.C. Pain, 2007
Abstract: A new method for approximating shorelines (polygons and polylines) is presented. The algorithm differs from commonly used Douglas-Peucker type algorithms as the method can approximate to some feature error given the constraint that edge lengths must satisfy some minimum edge length criteria. This constraint is necessary for the shoreline approximation to be useful for unstructured mesh generation for ocean modelling. In addition the method applies local optimisations to iteratively improve the shoreline approximation. Applications of the method are presented.
ICHEC Project:Parallel unstructured adaptive mesh method for three-dimensional range-of-scale ocean modelling
Publication:Computers & Geosciences, to appear
Keywords: simplification; shoreline; mesh generation; ocean modelling
Status: Accepted

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