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Title:Observation of van der Waals driven self-assembly of MoSI nanowires into a low symmetry structure using aberration corrected electron microscopy
Authors:V. Nicolosi, P.D. Nellist, S. Sanvito, E.C. Cosgriff, S. Krishnamurthy, W.J. Blau, M.L.H. Green, D. Vengust, D. Dvorsek, D. Mihailovic, G. Compagnini, J. Sloan, V. Stolo jan, J.D. Carey, S.J. Pennycook, and J.N. Coleman, 2007
ICHEC Project:Transport properties of organic macromolecules: modeling at the boundaries between biology and nano-electronics
Publication:Adv. Mater., 19, 543, (2007)
Status: Published

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