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Title:Exploiting alignment techniques in MaTrEx: the DCU Machine Translation System for IWSLT08
Authors:Ma Y., Tinsley J., Hassan H., Du J. and Way A., 2008
Abstract: In this paper, we give a description of the machine translation system developed at DCU that was used for our participation in the evaluation campaign of the Third Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation at ACL 2008. We describe the modular design of our data-driven MT system with particular focus on the components used in this participation. We also describe some of the significant modules which were unused in this task. We participated in the EuroParl task for the following translation directions: Spanish–English and French–English, in which we employed our hybrid EBMT-SMT architecture to translate. We also participated in the Czech–English News and News Commentary tasks which represented a previously untested language pair for our system. We report results on the provided development and test sets.
ICHEC Project:Data-Oriented Models of Parsing and Translation
Publication:Proc. of the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation, Hawaii, USA (2008) 26-33
URL: http://www.slc.atr.jp/IWSLT2008/archives/2008/10/proceedings.html
Status: Published

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