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Title:Finite size effects in the Kitaev honeycomb lattice model on a torus
Authors:Kells G., Moran N. and Vala J., 2009
Abstract: We analyze low energy spectral properties of small toroidal configurations of the Kitaev honeycomb spin model in the Abelian topological phase. We begin with a brief classification of honeycomb lattices on a torus. Then, using the Brillouin–Wigner perturbation theory, we explain the low order finite size effects that can occur in these systems and show how they affect their ground state topological degeneracy. Finally, we demonstrate the accuracy of the perturbative method by means of exact diagonalization, and use the insights into the finite size effects to reconstruct the topological degeneracy in a small example system.
ICHEC Project:Topological phases in quantum lattice systems
Publication:Journal of Statistical Mechanics (2009) P03006
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/1742-5468/2009/03/P03006
Keywords: solvable lattice models; finite-size scaling; other numerical approaches
Status: Published

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