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Title:Multi-agent simulations of the immune response to HIV during the acute stage of infection
Authors:Walshe R., Ruskin H.J. and Callaghan A., 2008
Abstract: Results of multi-agent based simulations of the immune response to HIV during the acute phase of infection are presented here. The model successfully recreates the viral dynamics associated with the acute phase of infection, i.e., a rapid rise in viral load followed by a sharp decline to what is often referred to as a "set point", a result of T-cell response and emergence of HIV neutralizing antibodies. The results indicate that sufficient T Killer cell response is the key factor in controlling viral growth during this phase with antibody levels of critical importance only in the absence of a sufficient T Killer response.
ICHEC Project:Large-scale multi-agent simulations of the immune response to HIV infection
Publication:International Journal of Modern Physics C (2008) 19:15-32
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1142/S0129183108011917
Keywords: multi-agent; computer simulation; human immunodeficiency virus; acute phase of infection; modeling immune system
Status: Published

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