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Title:Upper bound for the conductivity of nanotube networks
Authors:Pereira L.F.C., Rocha C.G., Latge A., Coleman J.N. and Ferreira M.S., 2009
Abstract: Films composed of nanotube networks have their conductivities regulated by the junction resistances formed between tubes. Conductivity values are enhanced by lower junction resistances but should reach a maximum that is limited by the network morphology. By considering ideal ballistic-like contacts between nanotubes, we use the Kubo formalism to calculate the upper bound for the conductivity of such films and show how it depends on the nanotube concentration as well as on their aspect ratio. Highest measured conductivities reported so far are approaching this limiting value, suggesting that further progress lies with metallic nanowires rather than carbon nanotubes.
ICHEC Project:Charge transport across disordered carbon nanotube networks
Publication:Applied Physics Letters (2009) 95:123106
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.3236534
Keywords: Nanotubes (electronic transport); Thin film structure and morphology; Structure of nanotubes
Status: Published

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