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Title:Aggregation of chemotactic organisms in a differential flow
Authors:Muñoz-García J. and Neufeld Z., 2009
Abstract: We study the effect of advection on the aggregation and pattern formation in chemotactic systems described by Keller-Segel-type models. The evolution of small perturbations is studied analytically in the linear regime complemented by numerical simulations. We show that a uniform differential flow can significantly alter the spatial structure and dynamics of the chemotactic system. The flow leads to the formation of anisotropic aggregates that move following the direction of the flow, even when the chemotactic organisms are not directly advected by the flow. Sufficiently strong advection can stop the aggregation and coarsening process that is then restricted to the direction perpendicular to the flow.
ICHEC Project:Collective search strategies in turbulent flows
Publication:Physical Review E (2009) 80:061902
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevE.80.061902
Status: Published

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