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Title:Magnetic vortex growth in the transition layer of a mildly relativistic plasma shock
Authors:Gareth C. Murphy, Mark E. Dieckmann and Luke O'C Drury, 2010
Abstract: A two-dimensional particle simulation models the collision of two electron-ion plasma clouds along a quasiparallel magnetic field. The collision speed is 0.9c and the density ratio, 10. A current sheet forms at the front of the dense cloud, in which the electrons and the magnetic field reach energy equipartition with the ions. A structure composed of a solenoidal and a toroidal magnetic field grows in this sheet. It resembles the cross-section of the torus of a spheromak, which may provide the coherent magnetic fields in gamma-ray burst jets needed for their prompt emissions.
ICHEC Project:Particle acceleration and magnetic field amplification in near and mildly relativistic shocks
Publication:Physics of Plasmas
URL: http://pop.aip.org/resource/1/phpaen/v17/i11/p110701_s1?isAuthorized=no
Keywords: plasma collision processes, plasma density, plasma jets, plasma magnetohydrodynamics, plasma shock waves, plasma simulation, plasma toroidal confinement, relativistic plasmas
Status: Accepted

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