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Title:An ab initio/Rice-Ramsperger-Kassel-Marcus study of the hydrogen-abstraction reactions of methyl ethers, H3COCH3−x(CH3)x, x = 0–2, by ˙OH; mechanism and kinetics
Authors:Chong-Wen Zhou, John M. Simmie and Henry J. Curran, 2010
Abstract: A theoretical study of the mechanism and kinetics of the H-abstraction reaction from dimethyl (DME), ethylmethyl (EME) and iso-propylmethyl (IPME) ethers by the ˙OH radical has been carried out using the high-level methods CCSD(T)/CBS, G3 and G3MP2BH&H. The computationally less-expensive methods of G3 and G3MP2BH&H yield results for DME within 0.2–0.6 and 0.7–0.9 kcal mol−1, respectively, of the coupled cluster, CCSD(T), values extrapolated to the basis set limit. So the G3 and G3MP2BH&H methods can be confidently used for the reactions of the higher ethers. A distinction is made between the two different kinds of H-atoms, classified as in/out-of the symmetry plane, and it is found that abstraction from the out-of-plane H-atoms proceeds through a stepwise mechanism involving the formation of a reactant complex in the entrance channel and product complex in the exit channel. The in-plane H-atom abstractions take place through a more direct mechanism and are less competitive. Rate constants of the three reactions have been calculated in the temperature range of 500–3000 K using the Variflex code, based on the weak collision, master equation/microcanonical variational RRKM theory including tunneling corrections. The computed total rate constants (cm3 mol−1 s−1) have been fitted as follows: k(DME) = 2.74 × T3.94 exp (1534.2/T), k(EME) = 20.93 × T3.61 exp (2060.1/T) and k(IPME) = 0.55 × T3.93 exp (2826.1/T). Expressions of the group rate constants for the three different carbon sites are also provided
ICHEC Project:BurnQuest: Towards a World Class Combustion Chemistry Centre
Publication:Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12: 7221–7233
URL: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/Content/ArticleLanding/2010/CP/c002911d
Status: Published

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