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Title:Modelling a single-bolt countersunk composite joint using implicit and explicit finite element analysis
Authors:Egan, B., McCarthy, C.T., McCarthy, M.A., Gray, P.J., Frizzell, R.F., 2012
Abstract: In this paper the mechanical behaviour of a composite joint incorporating a single countersunk fastener is investigated both experimentally and numerically. Results from an explicit dynamics model are compared to those obtained from an implicit modelling approach and measurements from experimental tests. The explicit dynamics method is of interest due to its robust contact modelling, and the scalability of the procedure for application to large structures. The deformation of the joint models in the overlap region is verified experimentally using extensometers. Experimental measures of secondary bending, obtained using 3D digital image correlation (DIC), provide good agreement with the numerical results.
ICHEC Project:Finite Element Modelling of Countersunk Composite Joints subjected to Variable-Rate Loadings
URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.commatsci.2012.02.008
Status: Accepted

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